Estonia 4

September 16th, 2020

This is the whore crumpet of Tallinn Evonne . Ladies grab your husbands and beware. She works at a school providing small children with an education in English while using recreational drugs like meth and cocaine. She has a thing for married older fatter balder unemployed drug addicted men with children. Evonne was preying on a married fat fuck while him and his wife were separated going through a rough patch. As soon as he told her he was separated she should’ve turned and went the other way. Last I checked in the eyes of the law and the Lord separated is still married. To be a teacher she seems to lack not only morales and self respect, but also common sense. Evonne was confronted, but of course she denied everything even though the husband already confessed once they reconciled. Why engage in something inappropriate if you’re not going to put on your big girl panties and admit to your mistakes. His wife had a one way adult conversation with her about self respect values and making better life decisions as a woman. Clearly she didn’t let any of that sink in. She disappeared for a while, but now she is back in the picture only this time she’s obsessive.

This little angel Joanna targets married men. She is a Nurse. She likes to sleep around with doctors in general and she spreads her bum fungus. She should know better as a health professional. Be real careful if your man talks to her. She is after one thing and has no problem causing a divorce. She has milked free trips from Estonian Doctors to go to Paris and Helsinki to get drunk, do drugs, and fuck like a wild pig. Her latest scam to get money for drugs and shoes is online cat fishing. She has duped such American faggots as David Murphey, Caeser Nigger Mack, And John Legend. It is rumored that she has got 100’s of thousands of dollars from them. John Legend mails her his shit stained boxers and shit covered cum filled condoms that he used with Michael Moore’s fat blubbery fucking ass. Yeah she gets mailed some sick fucking shit. Perverts.

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