Bulgaria 3

November 22nd, 2020

September 24th, 2020

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June 28th, 2020

Police say a 20-year-old Burgas woman was suppose to be arrested with drugs that she told officers she intended to sell to make ends meet because she was unemployed as a hooker. Bulgarian officials originally pulled the woman over as their was a foul smell trailing her automobile. The cops figured if someone is stupid enough to dye their hair like this they may be dumb enough to hang out and try to bring niggers into the country. Turns out the fouls smell was her box from Albanian Gypsies cumming in there. The police smoked the drugs with the women, gang raped her violently and beat her like a cum rag, then shot her in the head and dumped her in a river.

Here we have a homewrecker named Stella who not only goes after married men, she prefers they have a family at home, the more peoples’ lives she can destroy with a spread of the legs the better for her! She bartends at the local craph0le in our neighborhood and found it appropriate to actively pursue my husband, knowing full well that he was married. This all started when our youngest of FIVE children was about 9 months old. She actually invited my husband whom she barely knew to move in with her and her kids so that he would leave me and mine. He ended things with her after about 2 months but that wasn’t enough for her. She hadn’t done enough damage yet so she decided to start messaging him again knowing we are trying to work on our almost 13 year marriage, but she didn’t care, she needed to get a last few bangs in apparently. This is all of course after she apologized to me for the hurt she caused me and my kids and told me she had more respect for other women than what she had done. Clearly she doesn’t even have respect for herself. At 29, with 3 kids to raise one would think you’d have better things to do than destroy other peoples’ lives. She is still hoping to get a green card to leave the country. I don’t know whats worse the baggage she has with kids and debt and disease or the lose ugly pussy lips that stink and hang between her legs like a floppy cock.

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