Kyrgyzstan 2

November 7th, 2020

September 26th, 2020

Kyrg Mafia searching the streets for faggots and niggers

Sahkmeer is a muslim, he married a fucking garbage bag. He had a herd of cattle and a goat to eat. His wife is fucking ugly, just like all muslim women. Her pussy smells like rotten curry in Mike Tyson’s asshole. The cops in Bishkek found out Sahkmeer was fucking his goat. His wife went with the cops to confront Sahkmeer. Then the muslim cops joined in and tag fucked the goat to death with Sahkmeer. They then cooked up the goat and had a feast. (They made the garbage bag bitch there cook it). Then when she complained a cop honor chopped her head off and they all bbq it on a fire while they bent over on blankets praying to allah. Then ate the bitch It was a fun time says police officer Mohanda sheetpants. Reminds us all of how good our body odor is compared to Africans. RIP Sahkmeers wife. You have now been shit out a muslims asshole on the street. Probably in the Uk by now.

June 4th, 2020

Future probably in Porn

Adel as sweet and innocent as she looks has a vagina of convenience. A vagina of opportunity. A vagina that was nothing special aside from the fact that it was available and non-discerning. A vagina that is attached to a pathetic and manipulative selfish piece of garbage. A vagina with the power to destroy a marriage, to destroy a family, to destroy a life. She knew exactly what she was doing when she presented herself (and her vagina) as ready and willing. You’ve been warned. Her lips aren’t far behind. She goes as far as to go into the highlands and service old cattle hearders members. All of this just so she can get a chance to move to a white country. Except Russia. She aspires to be an actress when she moves. But at 27, no education, and no real skill besides draining nut sacks. She will probably end up as a hooker or in porn when she gets out of Kyrgyzstan. Wish her the best and help sponsor her.

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