Republic of Congo

There is considerable risk from crime in Brazzaville due to their nigger pandemic the country is plagued with.

In late May 2015 a sniffer dog unit of the Project for the Application of Law for Fauna in the Republic of Congo (PALF) travelled to several police roadblocks on the inbound roads to Pointe-Noire, the Republic of Congo’s second largest city and main port. At the blockades three dogs, specially trained to detect wildlife products and weapons, were set to work by their handlers. Conditions were challenging: high temperatures, upity niggers,, and stolen vehicles loaded to the brim with jigaboo paraphanelia– often with strong-smelling cargoes of palm wine, crack or fat white hookers that look like Rosie Odonnell.. Despite this, the dogs’ success rate was impressive. During the mission they identified the location of an assortment of illegally hunted species, headed for the bush meat trade in Pointe-Noire, hidden beneath towering cargoes of people and luggage. Just a typical day among these fucking niggers.

October 1st, 2020

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