Survivor 28 Cagayan Brains vs Braun vs Beauty

Survivor: Cagayan — Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty is the 28th season of the American Gay TV competitive reality television series Survivor. The season filmed from July 11 to August 18, 2013.  Tony “the rat” Vlachos was named the Sole Survivor over Yung “Woo Dude Where’s My Cat” Hwang by a vote of 8–1. You knew the season was going to be fake when they put niggers on the Brains and Beauty team. The beauty team got the faggot nigger Brice as their probably was no where else to put the queer nigger.

The cast is composed of 18 new players, initially split into three tribes containing six members each: Aparri (“Brawn”), Luzon (“Brains”), and Solana (“Beauty”).  The cast includes former professional basketball jungle bunny Cliff Robinson and David Samson, president of Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins who were just as fucking big of losers as the rest of the idiots sitting on the island. There was a horse name Trish who competed for the first time along with the shows first trans sexual contestant in Sara also a cop.

Kass, Tony, and Woo ended up in the Final Three, at which point they learned that one more person would be eliminated before the Final Tribal Council. Woo won the final immunity challenge; but while Kass seemed like an easy choice to take to the end due to the fact that she looked and smelt like an old used moldy tampon. Tony ended up persuading Woo to take him to get his drug charges erased. Tony is a cop in New Jersey and Woo is a crack dealer from Newport Beach, California via Taiwan.

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