West Virginia 3

October 27th, 2020

Holly fucking methhead you look like a dude.- Logan County deputies said a mother faces multiple charges after she was accused of drunken driving and crashing her vehicle over an embankment with her two children without proper seat restraints in the back seat. Kala Bryant, 34, of Ethel was arrested at the scene of the crash that occurred about 6:30 p.m. Thursday on Route 17 in Ethel, according to a news release from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. When they approached the driver, Bryant, she had slurred speech, was uncoordinated, disoriented and had bloodshot eyes, deputies said. Bryant’s kids, ages 6 and 5, were in the back seat of the vehicle without proper seat restraints, the complaint said.<SNIP> Link. Odds are this meth head is a mud shark. Probably 2 half niglets in the back both unknown fathers. I would assume.

Diemon Dave is well-known as the West Virginia ninja. He has gone out of his way in the past to warn Jerry that he’s studied lots of Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies on his stolen beta VCR so he can’t be held responsible for the medical bills of the Security team. While Jerry and his security could not easily handle the physicality of Dave they weren’t as able to handle their fear. Jerry’s on and off again gay man lover Steve was security when Diemon was there. Steve Nazi Dildos said “What kind of a biological weapon is this inbred freak? He sucks good dick when he takes his teeth out”. He just got married to Michael Moore and they consummate their wedding vows in a port-o-potty.

This chick Patty is a high level narcissistic, lying manipulator who uses people for money, lets her husband beat women, refuses to be a mom to her kids, and makes up stories to put down and slander good people while surrounding herself with losers at hotels and throwing her family under while she rides with a garbage bag husband while she is hooked on being around bad people and seems to enjoy it while being hooked on the drugs she likes so much. She needs beat down to the max. She gets high as a fucking kite in public and tries to pick fights with people. Rude, loud, an flat out annoying. Patty is the worst of the worst. I bet she hucked a used condom in that pizza…Oh wait Patty don’t use condoms.!! She likes it bare.

September 30th, 2020

This horrible woman Morgan has been having an affair with a married man. She was friends of the wife on Facebook and knew they were married. She is 28 and the husband is 49!!! They were busted once and she still didn’t go away along away with the rash the husband brought home on his old wrinkly dick and balls. The second time busted the old fucker never came home to his wife and she talked him into cleaning out all accounts buying a bunch of meth and going to Atlantic City to get high and fuck. She moved him in that night too. She has a small child herself and has not clue who the father is. Show her no mercy! Get her a bottle like in the picture here and Morgan will do anything. She is usually left in an alley like a cum rag to be used the next day. Shes a diamond in the rough this one.

August 11th, 2020

Load Licker Lydia

This woman Lydia is married with two children. She’s 33 years old and works as an aid. She’s been sleeping around with a man who was engaged to be married and with a baby on the way. Her husband pays for everything in her life, so with the money she earns she buys the guy she’s cheating on her husband with shoes, weed, hotel rooms, etc. she’s been having an affair for a year now and even after being told to stop communicating with the guy. She lies to her poor husband and he’s so old he can be easily fooled. She even came to the guys house and threaten his fiancé. She try’s to pretend to be a good person, but she’s really not. Her fucking muff apparently smells like an old chicken tuna sandwich and she has dingle berries hanging in her ass hairs.(Thats crusted shit caked in the hairs by her rectum). Just a pig and she also owes almost every drug dealer in town. And they are all sick of her payinfg off her meth debts with chipped tooth blow jobs.

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