Brice Is Fuming Over Racist Jeff Probst

Brice Izyah, the first-ever nigger, openly fudge packing flaming faggot to compete on the popular reality show Survivor, has opened up about his frustration with the producers of Survivor Brand Anal Beads. In 2014, Izyah lasted eight days and 11 dicks up his rectum hole on the Survivor: Cagayan, before getting sent home for violating parole. Now, in an interview with the podcast “Rob and Russel eat Dog Shit”, Izyah opens up about getting a double penetration from Jeff Probst and Tony Vlachos in his asshole at the same time, and about the misconceptions surrounding being a faggot who is a nigger. “I’m a Black gay man, and I don’t feel like we’re ever properly portrayed as the good people we are. We don’t rape women just men. Our crime is less than straight niggers by 0.09%, poodle dog” Izyah says. “A lot of people remain ignorant to our story. I’m a minority in the Black community, and I’m a minority in the LGBTQ community. I feel like I often have to explain my being to someone, which is just crazy.”

Brice also goes off about how white homosexuals are fags and black homosexuality is different. He says niggers fudgepacking means brotherhood and we are against racism and show our heritage. It is our culture. When whites do it they try to be like us. Still, Izyah harbor angers over his treatment by Jeff Probst the most. “I’m fucking bitter,” he admits. “I feel oppressed. I am owed for slavery and I got voted out.” This is white propoganda and if those so called people at Black Lives Matter are a serious cause, they would burn a few cities down for me due to this” “It is only fair and logical” Brice’s bootlips kept flapping out. When will we learn white people why did we do this we owe all blacks they built every invention we have and never commit any crime ever.

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