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Switzerland 3

Here is a real piece of trash Marla that moved from France to Bern, Switzerland hoping that if she spreads her legs she can get into a medical residency because she’s not smart enough to do it any other way. She started sleeping with my boss who was married and his wife was about to deliver a baby. His wife was 9 months pregnant! and this slore knew and still went to his home to spread her legs. She was also stupid enough to have sex in the office and it was all on camera. Our other boss showed it to us and kicked both of them out. LOL Talk about a real piece of trash. she tells everyone how she goes to church every morning and then she sleeps with married men in their homes! A real slut. but wait she also made him pay her rent for months and begged him to get her into a medical residency. our other boss almost got her in trouble for floozy but then decided he didnt care. stay away, far far away from this slore. her personality is also nasty like her behavior.maybe she should try praying for herself that she doesnt slore everywhere she goes. Marla get fucking help and clean your vaginal area it smells like stale curdled cottage fucking cheese. Bitch!

October 9th, 2020

Her name is Stephanie . She’s been in multiple relationships the past years and will literally drain a man for what he has and off to the next. She will wait until someone else’s relationship is in shambles, to only move in and do her dirty work. Also, there is another young lady she would party with and guess what, this girl caught him messaging Stephanie and screenshot everything to Stephanie’s boyfriend at the time. I honestly don’t know how she hasn’t been beaten yet. It started when she decided to date the ex-husband of a friend of hers. But to top it off, this same guy is also the friend of her ex boyfriend. Talk about messed up. DRDs are involved and she does not disclose that information at all. She cheated on her latest beau with this local, broke comedian. She is known for flaunting her saddlebag a55 and for also only being able to obtain a job as a waitress.

September 23rd, 2020

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