Chile 4

In Chile being a thief is synonymous with being cool, so the dream of every Chilean kid is to become a professional thief, rob a bank, escape to Europerape women, have a child, become citizen and live for free. Also, in Chile is very common that if someone needs something they just go to the house next door and rob it!!! And finally, in Chile people steal things just for fun, you can see drunk middle-class white people assaulting the corner shop with guns just because they want to feel the adrenaline and enjoy posting the videos to Youtube for the laughs.

Chileans tend to dislike Jews (except Jerry Springer) and can’t stand Niggers and Peruvians and Bolivians are their laugh stock. Aside from that Chileans tend to have little to no negative opinion of other countries.

Niggers are virtually non existing in Chile. Yeah sure Chileans dabbled and bought a few thousands broken nigger slaves off some jews in the 1800’s. But once Chileans realized they were fucking useless, multiplying like cockroaches, and ruining their communities they had to be dealt with. So Chileans put them on a boat pointed towards Antarctica, I mean after all black people are so far advanced that they probably built the ship to fly like a space ship. Lord knows what happened to it. They may of made their way back to Africa. After all, niggers are known for their strong swimming skills. You would assume they could swim? They smell like they shower all the time….. Oh yeah. They are probably shark food if the sharks didn’t mistake their nigger carcasses for whale shit.

October 27th, 2020

September 30th, 2020

Lana slept with my husband at the Golandro correction facility. Husband says it happened in control center bathroom he just bent her over a shitter and plowed her ass during his lunch break, had a pastrami sandwich too. Blew his milkshake on her slut face…both bad examples of prison guards while working on the job. I still have no fucking idea this was going on right behind my back. Lana bought me a fucking blender for my birthday. A FUKING BLENDER. I thought we were friends Bitch! Hope Carlos finds out the truth. Might want to investigate it Carlos or are you too busy snorting the blow you bring in from prisoners.! She should be suspended for 5 working days don’t let her fool you and let her tell you it was vacation. This bitch is a bad example of cruising for a bruising. Ratting out drug dealers all the fucking time may not be a good thing for her street cred. Skank.

September 30th, 2020

This woman Essie is disgusting. She purposely went after my worthless fucking husband whom i had been married to for 12 years. She came around Punta Arenas in 2007ish to work as a scientist bitch, more like blow all the pencil dicks she works with. Fucking poindexter fucker. She knew he was married and had kids with me. She still slept with him laughed about and then told everyone she works with. He is super shy too, so she made all the moves, virtually throwing herself at him from what I heard. She apparently blew dudes all the time at her old job too. Even after being called out to all her friends and family on Facebook she still continued to sleep with him. She’s nasty and i hope she enjoyed my sloppy seconds. Essie is about as scummy as they come. She got tag fucked at El Club VIP last christmas eve. One of the dudes was a rancher and I bet this old fucker was at least 65. She has no morals not an ounce of them. Purely sick.

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