Random H5

Hockey takes team work, brains, and dedication. Something niggers do not have. Look at their societies. They are selfish creatures listen to a nigger in the NBA or NFL get interviewed. They will always refer to the team as “ME” or “I” won. When you ask white hockey players even Gretzky says “We”. Hockey reflects life. White people are just naturally better in every way imaginably possible. LINK It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that this article was wrote by a fucking snakey lying hook nosed jew.

Never thought there would be line up of people where I could say Trudeau is the best LOL. Merkle hands down has done the worst damage by light years.

I went to a security guard in a mall after some Somali or Sudanese nig shit all over the floor and toilet in a shitter. The security guard ran to get the guy came back to me and called me racist. I guess that is their culture an we are suppose to life among them? There is a reason I moved 100s of miles away from any shit skin. PERIOD. I never lock doors, my keys are in my ignition in my driveway with my wallet and money in the glove box. No one steals here. Everyone is safe in my town and why? 100% WHITE.

This is what Biden’s America A NEW ISRAEL SLAVE STATE will look like.
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