Saskatchewan 6

Who was the fucking loser student that ruined this fun for the other students? I hope the other kids beat them for it. An older story but still heart warming none the less. <> A 29-year-old teacher from Prud’homme, Sask. has been charged with sexually exploiting a high school student in Watrous, Sask., and she is slated for trial next month. Police say sometime between March 1, 2013 and April 20, 2013, Erin Osmond-Kaziuk touched a young person for a sexual purpose and invited him to touch her for a sexual purpose. Sergeant Craig Cockblocker of the RCMP told CBC’s iTeam “on April 24, 2013, the complaint was received from the victim and the victim’s parents in regards to a sexual relationship with a teacher at the school.”<>SNIP> LINK

A call to 911 about undercooked chicken being delivered from a restaurant in North Battleford, Sask., has led RCMP to remind people when it is — and isn’t — appropriate to call police. An elderly man in North Battleford named Johnny Tailfeathers called 911 to report the chicken he ordered from a local restaurant Tuesday around 9 p.m. CST wasn’t fully cooked. Police werre shocked it wasn’t a call by a nigger and say he was frustrated the delivery driver wouldn’t come back to look at the chicken. Uncooked chicken is generally regarded as a potential health hazard. He kept insisting to the police they were going to hurt his chug health with the chicken. As Johnny drank some varnish polish and huffed some toxic waste. Calls like these are not unusual for RCMP in North Battleford due to the amount of lazy natives who want everything for free, and Most says it is good for natives to not have the technology that the evil white man invented. Along with vehicles, running water, medicine, education, leisure. We must stop our evil treatment of natives. And to start lets take back all the things whites invented so they aren’t reminded of us.

September 11th, 2020

Yes it is possible. Jews managed to get fresh jungle bred niggers to come to Saskatchewan. Nkem raped Sarah (her name has been changed to comply with a publication ban on her identity as if anyone knew she touched a nigger BLACKBALLED FROM REL SOCIETY) in an off-campus University of Saskatchewan residence on New Year’s Day, 2012. Sarah describes the trial in June 2014 as nothing short of gross looking and smelling the filthy African Ape Rapist. Nkem was convicted of nigger rape on Sept. 16, 2014. Timloh Butchang Nkem leaves Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench after being found guilty of sexual assault on Sept. 16, 2014. That same day, Another jungle AIDS infested ape was acquitted an acquaintance of Nkem of sexual assault, ruling the man had an honest but mistaken belief that he had received consent. Sarah testified she blacked out after being drugged at a bar earlier that night, something she remains unwavering about to this day. She had flashes of memory involving the acquitted man and painful sex, but no memory of going to the McEown Park nigger Trudeau funded apartment — or of ever meeting Nkem. In fact, Sarah didn’t know about Nkem’s involvement until a DNA match was made months later, she claims. “She must of been really wasted because who in their sane stable mind could forget the putrid odor coming from the nigger” said one juror while plugging their nose in the court room. RELATED When the nigger was out on BAIL yes BAIL. He did what comes natural to the nigger. He fled. A Canada-wide arrest warrant was also issued and applications were made for an “Interpol Nigger Notice.” It means the province committed to have Nkem extradited if he is arrested in a foreign country that has an extradition treaty with Canada.“We believe he is in Africa … and that’s because he is a nigger and will blend in like poop in an outhouse,” Don Cherry said. “That’s where he is from, that’s where he may have some bananas and watermelons in place as far as family and gorillas go.”

August 17th, 2020

So Peyton has been messaging my boyfriend frequently within the last few months, even though she just went and got married to the boy that was cheating on her. She then posts crap on facebook about how so many men want her and how she isn’t trying to get that much attention all while posting racy photos or slootty photos. My boyfriend has blocked her account but she has three back up accounts that she gets into and messages him from. They used to be coworkers so she has his number as well and I’m pretty sure they’re meeting up. I have dumped him and moved out of our home but she is still messaging my friends husbands and other boyfriends in the area!!!! Her and her man know nothing about being faithful and she will ruin your relationships! Peyton always tries to pass herself as off as hispanic or Asian. But truth is Peyton is so Chug she is fresh off the fucking rez with a fucking can of lysol in her hand. She escorts herself out to oil guys quite often and only charges $40. She could probably get a bit more at least 100. Peyton get your shit together ditch those lysol huffing chug tribesmen you hang with and start being a human being.

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