Taiwan 3

Every so often a nigger sneaks into Taiwan. If it is not detected right away (usually due to stench) it will always commit some sort of crime so it can be detained and disposed of properly. Niggers are very highly toxic to the Taiwan Eco-System. “American male Ewart Odane Bent, 30, who was arrested on Aug. 24 for the murder of 43-year-old Canadian English teacher Ryan Sanjay Ramgahan, admitted to premeditated homicide and confirmed the second suspect, 37-year-old American tattoo artist Oren Shlomo Mayer, also took part in the murder. Bent, who did not confess to the crime until Mayer had been extradited back to Taiwan from the Philippines on Sept. 17, took police to the scene of the gruesome murder a few days ago. Ramgahan, Bent and Mayer had originally collaborated on selling marijuana, mainly to foreigners, especially at the Taipei nightclub Triangle, where Bent worked as a bouncer. However, after a number of their colleagues had been arrested on drug-related charges, Bent confirmed to investigators that he and Mayer had come to the conclusion that Ramgahan was a police informant and they began to plot his murder”.<SNIP> LINK

September 17th, 2020

Ma Lynn took steroids for her tits. She thought the needle had meth in it but it was pure grade A fucking steroids. This woman was caught red handed. she she will sleep with your husband not caring if you have kids. She ruins lives destroys families. Won’t leave them alone after. She should go back to mainland china with her junkie big fucking titted self. She destroyed my family. All she cares about is sleeping with my husband. Ma Lynn為她的山雀服用了類固醇。 她以為該針中含有甲基苯丙胺,但它是純A級他媽的類固醇。 這個女人被抓到了。 她將與您的丈夫睡覺,如果您有孩子,她將不在乎。 她毀了生命,摧毀了家庭。 之後不會再讓他們一個人了。 她應該帶著迷迷的自我操回到中國大陸。 她摧毀了我的家人。 她只在乎和我丈夫睡覺. 躺在他媽的母狗,而做任何他媽的美國敗類。 我希望她的山雀他媽的爆炸

This bitch her is Taiwan Tammy she use to know some of us around this blog. She use to be a whore. Anyway she also use to steal luggage from the airport. Then we would sell the shit on e bay and all that shit tourists buy she would also try to obtain IDs for fraud just a little typical slant eyed slut full of jizz.. If she rats us out? Well she won’t we have more on this slut that sucks cock until the fishing boats come to shore. I use to work at a Dairy plant in Hualein with Tammy one summer when I was working filming porn there. She use to suck me off and spit my loads in the milk. Imagine that in your rice cakes you zipperheaded nips. Miss you tammy!!! Last time we seen her leave the set of the film “Anal Insertions”. She was shitting blood for weeks. It was funny and gross.

This bitch Soo-Ling likes to steal any guy in a relationship. She scopes them out like it’s a fucking pokemon chink game. She’s ruined multiple relationships of my friends! Two that I can think of that were long term! The first one they were together for over a year and in love, then she weasled her way in and slept with her boyfriend, knowing that he has a girlfriend and that she has it the second one she failed at, she tried to do it but the boyfriend was a decent guy after a while and realized what she was doing. She finds out what your boyfriend likes and studies it just to talk to them. She will go out of her way to make them think she’s better than you when she was a totally different person a week ago because the last guy was an American and your boyfriend is a Tainin city boy. She will literally go that fast, even buying new clothes to change! Band shirts that she’s never liked before she knew your boyfriend liked them. What a poser!!!!! Scum of the earth for sure!

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