This loser a55 homewrecker aka “the garbage bag”(wear at least 2 if you are going to fuck her 4 rubbers for anal) is a low life trash poor excuse of a mother. She knowingly weaseled her way into a taken mans life knowing he has a long term girlfriend and new daughter. But most important to her he was a drug lord. She cries the “poor me I don’t have anyone” sob story knowing that she is playing the these drug guys wieners so she can be living for free. She has sons that she didn’t even raise because she chose drugs and men over her boys. She doesn’t mind being the side hoe sleeping in barns and ditches across Paraguay. She basically is hauled around a truck like the garbage bag she is. Beware of this garbage bag, she prays on married men and try’s to make them feel pity for her. 

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