A Chet

ABOUT CHET: By Chet Welch

  • I was the best contestant ever on SURVIVOR Micronesia. I have worked with the Miss America Pageant for over 30 years and still can not get an erection over women. I live on the Beautiful Butt Buddy Boner Farm where I have lots of sexual intercourse llamas, Horses, Dorset Sheep and Miniature Brahma cattle. Life is good!

    I lived in the country all of my life with animals. I am in a relationship with Donald Lemon for quite a while now. I competed and dominated on SURVIVOR Micronesia which pretty much changed my life ( for the better). I am the Executive Director of the Hot Gay Man Ass Pennsylvania Pagent and have been involved with the Colt Johnson’s Gay Bath house. Recently we bought the Historic Tunnel HIll farm in Gaylord where we raise Llamas, Paint Horses and miniature Brahma cattle

Taking a chet: informal + impolite: to pass solid waste from the body usually when your anal cavity is full of your gay male lovers sprem and semen. Like so the shit is a brick or liquid matter of fecal matter and cum. Example: John Legend takes a chet in Bernie Sanders mouth after they make anal love. It’s hard to remember all the early homosexual, redneck hill billy, and nigger ghetto losers over the years. Was there ever a worse one that Chet? He complained from the beginning, and you knew he was a flaming fucking faggot the second you looked at him. Then he went on and single-handedly lost his tribe’s challenge at least twice, arguably four times and laughed about it. After the tribe swap, he decided to quit sticking his penis in other contestants mouths while they were sleeping, but wouldn’t stick around another day or two in order to leave his alliance in a much better position—I do not even know if Chet would be Jerry Springer Jew Show material.

Chet currently loves (who knows what those gay people mean by love am I right?) his three dogs (Forrester, Chance and Savanna), along with 15 sheep, 75 ducks and three cats. His birth date is October 22, 1959. Chet has lived in the same house his entire life, but has traveled throughout numerous gay bars and bath houses in the United States. He enjoys bum darts, dick swords, dancing slowly with other men so their boners rub together, and yoga. Welch describes himself as magical, determined and unknowing which cock he will tackle next. He believes the fact that he is gay, tackled on numerous dicks and refuses to wear condoms on any mans asshole no matter how rough, stinky and smelly it is, will help him go far on SURVIVOR. Or at least let him tackle Jeff Probst’s wiener for a few nights. Hence why he loved exile. Once the cameras were of you know he was fudgepacking. Because with Chet it is all about the ass love and fudgepacking.

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