Missouri 4

June 7th, 2020

Fucks Her Uncle In The
Burger King Parking Lot
On Her Lunch Break.

She’s a four eyed pickled nosed bitch who likes cum on her fucking glasses. Meet Jennifer. She is an woman with no feelings, she has picked a married man right in front of the married woman and their children and laughed and left a used tampon in front of the wife! She was caught in the married couples home in bed where their children would lay and still remained by the married man. She would try to temp him to go out while the wife was home. She even ignored my friends feelings begging for her husband back. Even when the children asked for their father! She would send nude photos to the husband not caring of the couples children. Now she has moved on to another man whom had a family and loyal woman and a child. Karma was served, she got Introuble selling drugs and lost her job but I believe you should be warned she has a history with drugs as most recent as last year and she does not even have custody of her own children. Therefore bad influence. If you see her driving her car, beeare of Jennifer your husband or boyfriend might be next.

Laura gets high on crack/cocaine and runs around the fucking trailer park with power tools. Once she decided it was ok to enable and encourage him to cheat on his fiancé, she immediately had him move in with her under the guise that he’d have his own room. That was a lie. They were sleeping in the same bed together the day he left his fiancé. The worst part is that now, his ex is stuck with a rent she can’t afford and has to go into debt and be inevitably evicted. Laura doesn’t care. She only cares about herself. Even after he continued to go back and hook up with his ex-fiancé repeatedly she still wants to keep him around. You would think that someone who has been cheated on repeatedly (as Laura has) would have the moral compass to know that it’s wrong, especially with the father of someone’s child. But not Laura. This woman is absolute scum. Avoid her at all costs and keep her away from your man or Miss MooCow might try and snatch him away from his family. Some bitch who lives in the park called her out and called the cops on her. Not pointing fingers but…..

Shelly is expecting Twins fathered by her father Cletus
Cletus is proud to be a grandpa/father again!

The skank on the left there is Shelly from Cuba, Missouri. That Gap toothed wonder with her there is her father Cletus. They fuck in the barn with the pigs and the cows. I know this isn’t normal BUT ON METH IT IS. Cletus fucks all 7 of his daughters when he is not tending to the pigs and his meth lab. His daughter Shelly is a lazy bitch who only works the streets the odd time to get her pops Cletus money for the Netflix bill. Oh yeah too Cletus there is about to be a grandpa/father for the 27th and 28th time. Shelly is pregnant with twins! Now she only smokes an ounce of meth every day. Its all about the health and future of the child.

Jessica the diaper wearing yeast infection wart scab was messing around with her ex boss at work would have sex with him at Arby’s where they make the fries. Why they worked and off the clock always calling texting and flirting and fucking around behind his fat whale of a pig wife. He a married man that just wrong on her known he married and has kids and a wife at home..heck she a baby compared to his age which is creepy on his part. Next time you bite into a hot Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich think what that fucking sauce is on there. It is rumored Jessica Does not swallow and always spits loads in funny and easily ready locations.

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