Albania 2

May 20th, 2020

This nasty piece of crap is Ajola of Durres. She proceeded to have an affair with a married man, and yes she knew he was married. Because she trained with his wife how to suck cock with her father in her barn! She also failed to mention her STDs she had and passed them to numerous villages. Luckily the wife didn’t live long enough to find out as she was ate by a bear or an eagle or the bullet that was meant for some other bitch. Look out for her, she knows no bounds and has a pussy that looks like a clogged toilet. She leads men on and then goes to the wife of that married man and sticks a rusty pitchfork up their fucking pussy and yells HEIL HITLER!!! She is a real skank and the only reason men keep her around is because they already have the STD now.

This bitch Besjana knows this man Igor has girl and still doesn’t care. She suck on his lenght of testicles and shaft in mouth. Who gives a man head without camera to make porn for American negro to dream of white woman. For we take his welfare monies..Besjna act often with trait of gypsie jew. PURE EVIL And she has the audacity to believe he’s going to leave his girl for her… Please help me laugh at this bitch qe ben seks me kuaj. Just filth like food of pig in barn her slop from vagina brownish black like mud and negro. You gross Besjana gros gross gross. I hope you get contaminanted with Jew disease of being jew

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