Dreamz and Yau Man Still Fudgepacking 12 Years Later

Dreamz was and still is a homeless HIV positive gay male escort, Dreamz was known for smoking crack and jerking off over sleeping contestants throughout the game. Though said allies would keep him out of the loop strategically because he was hands down the stinkiest fucking nigger they had ever met.. Most infamously, he broke his “truck deal” with his one time gay lover Yau-Man Chan. His numerous betrayals, and trying to rape other contestants despite saying he was wearing condoms. He was showing promise strategically and sexual nights in Jeff Probst’s luxury suite garnered him zero jury votes at the Final Tribal Council.

Yau Man Chan was one of the series’ most popular contestants, Yau-Man is regarded as one of the chinkiest ever of Survivor by utilizing his math skills in physics to compensate his poor driving skills. He completed tasks that stronger contestants in Fiji would not be able to accomplish, because most of the other contestants were niggers or inbred rednecks. He is also known for being betrayed by that fucking faggy fruitcake  Dreamz Herd and voted out just one day before the Final Tribal Council, becoming the final victim of the Survivor Car Curse. Yau-Man’s popularity led him to open up a chain of restaurants in America called “The Dog Is Not Yours”.

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