Vermont 2

A Burlington doon coon wanted in connection with a reported TNB rape inside the Bernie Sanders Get Niggers Off Courthouse on Oct. 16 is believed to be back causing monkeyshines in Vermont, officials said Tuesday evening. Robert Rosario, 32, has been sought since the incident in a second floor ladies bathroom. An arrest warrant and or lost slave reward was issued last Wednesday by Judge Steven Wilkos. The Return The Niggers To Africa Unit for Special Investigations, and later some local and federal agencies, have been attempting to locate Rosario with chicken bones and watermelon rinds lying around basketball courts as bait. So what you are reading is this nigger raped a woman on the floor of a public bathroom courthouse. Yes this savage lives near whites. Thank the jews for this feral beast. Police tried to keep information about the rape hidden from the community while Rosario was at large, because if citizens knew the real violence that even 1 nigger can cause they would round them all up in space ships to the moon immediately. This nigger Rosrio also has numerous charges for selling cocaine and heroin. Both drugs are very stupid to do. What is more dumb than doing the drugs is buying them from a nigger.

July 27th, 2020

Burlington’s Boner Bitter Betty, Biggest Bottom Bitch hoe around. Likes to suck throbbing boners for gas money or rides, also likes it in the a55 RAW and HARD until she spews rectal blood then lets it drip into her best friend Dirty Dildo Douching Demi’s mouth. Wicked loose and kinda stanky but free pu55y or aka pu55y. Catch her working at fukin half the business. In bars or clubs or the local parks there are no boundaries. She works at a local sperm bank and drinks the deposits while on the job. For fun other than being a whore she plays pool for a league but odds are rams the cues and balls in her pussy and or ass at some point.. So be careful with your men she doesn’t care if they are taken or have a family.  Fucking Betty Rubble Looking Bitch.

Heather Lets Cum Drip Out of Her
After Dicks Explode In Her

To Prevent Having a Crusty
Pussy and or Asshole.

Heather had watched my ex cheat on me for three years, she had wiped my tears and told me I could do better. So much so that when I had a new wonderful(or so I thought) boyfriend I celebrated my excitement of how I love his children and he treats me so well and I wanted a family with him. I introduced the two of them at our mutual friends children’s birthday party. Not long after they developed a anal love group sex life. She fucks everything and often times has jizz stains on her teeth crusted with the meth. Springfield, Vermont’s finest. Sick. She also had sex with my best friends boyfriend knowing he was in a relationship she let him and his friend run a train on her and she has also slept with her friends boyfriends. She is the definition of a THOT been with everyone in Springfield. BEWARE. I have seen her walk out of the mayor’s office in town and she goes into the bush and squats after leaving to let all the cum drip out of her vaginal and anal cavities (so she doesn’t crust up) before she goes home to fuck her boyfriend or dad.

Yes Niggers have their version (probably all ran by jews and white liberals) of NBC. Imagine a white only one? Where are the anti racists here? Oh yeah they are the biggest racists.

Sucks Cock while wearing her McDonald’s Drive Thru cap
Guys blast their loads on it and she never washes it.

This woman Hanna worked with my husband for just three months at McDonald’s before weaseling her way into his pants, she told him her boyfriend had beaten her up and asked him to come over and “hang” out to protect her while he came and got his stuff. I did some digging and found out none of that was true, she spends the majority of her time on her knees in her Mcdonald’s work outfit circle jerking a bunch of dudes to blow loads over her!! He never beat her and he never was going to get his stuff. He took it with him the day he left… she knew he was married with six kids and continued to pursue him for 17 months before I found out for sure by catching them myself she swore they were just friend’s in bed when she had his cock in her whore mouth.

This camel anal fungus bitch Jessica and I’m not sure when this fucking dildo puff of a woman started with my husband but I’m pretty sure they met at the gym we both go to. She and my husband like to do it in the car, sneaking around lying for months. I even caught them off a road by our house. She stayed in her car and refused to talk to me. I ended up finding a instagram and an email where I read all about how she loves running her hands over his arms while hes fuking her. How she dresses up for him, etc. Beware ladies… it doesnt matter the size the other woman is, a man will put his d1ck in anything willing! I went by her car one day to confront her about this whole shit and I got a wiff of her fucking stinky crotch. Smelt like a fucking Tuna Factory. Fucking Gross!

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