South Korea 3

This woman Ha-Yoon claimed to be my best friend. I let her into my home and our family. On Easter Sunday this year, while I was nursing my daughter who had a concussion, she barged into the bathroom, where my husband was fucking our nanny, and jumped in having a threesome with them. He was not innocent, but she started it. She slept with them many many times – in my daughter’s bed. While we were home. I was diagnosed with bum fungus in August and hours after coming home the day of surgery to remove my built up shit crust in my rectal cavity, )It was painful and bloody) she was with him in my daughter’s bed, just 1 floor under where I was recuperating. She broke into my home one night and took him in his sleep. And on, and on, and on… Keep your husbands safe, ladies. She’s a monster. 

June 18th, 2020

Kariel is good at her job because she’s used to having a mouth full of American d!ck . Only that D usually belongs to another woman. She is currently f@cking almost all of her students. She teaches Korean to businessmen from all over the world. Rumors has it she has dyked out with some of her female students so the males could stroke off to it in class. The dirty whore had sex with Chris Harrison while his 3rd wife was pregnant with his son. She has no shame and would show up at his house to smash heroin and fuck while his wife was at work helping Korean soldiers. This also brought the main event. Kariel is a huge fan of the Television series the Bachelor due to its content and the fact she polishes Harrison’s knob. Kariel wants to have a full out dyke weapon fight with Sydney. In green jello! She hates that bitch Sydney she claims. Kariel stated “Sydney’s Ass isGrass” then she went on and said “I am Asian Ho Number 1”!!!

This four eyed zipper head bitch Kimmy knew that my husband is a married man with 2 little kids but no, that did not stop her from sleeping with him. She’s got no shame! Find her on FB and message her! Kimmy Joeng. Those glasses she thinks make her smarter she is fucking dumb as a door knob. Just turned 20 and has an IQ to match. Goes from night club to night club having small little sips of wine coolers pretending to be drunk. She gets roofied alot at clubs. She wakes up in strange places like old dudes motel rooms, parks, alleyways its sad.  I have seen her ruin 3 marriages and she always is clueless. She resembles one of those gook sex dolls is about as useless and dirty as one also. Get your shit together Kimmy. Go after my husband I will smack your head so hard no amount of ROUND EYE surgery will be able to make you see.!!!!!!!

This low form of life Soo was hired by my husband company as a maid. She spent 2 days with the company sucking off all the American Executives. She was supposed to be helping the employees with reaching their potential, but instead helped the bosses reach orgasm in her mouth. Since she left, she has tried to get my husband to see her in weird places like alleyways and cheap motels. She has been calling him and trying to flirt with him. He is horny for her. She started out just being a friendly cock tease. My husband is a nice person. She would describe in detail on speaker phone what she wanted to do with his penis. He didn’t want to tell her to get lost without depositing some cum in side of her. She has moved on to making hit movies called Slanteyed Sluts for some pornographic company. She is gross and Satan is her friend. She is so evil I wouldn’t be surprised if she had Jew in her even a little ounce of jew blood. All Jew blood is the devils!

This is Stephanie who also goes by “Fucktheshitoutofmyslantedpussy” on Facebook. This woman knew that my cheating  fiancé was clearly in a relationship with me but yet chose to continue to pursue him and send him nude pictures and videos through social media. I found out about this infidelity by looking through my significant others phone while he was asleep. He forgot to delete his Snapchat app, he had been using it behind my back and then would delete the app when I was around. This woman is 25 years old with drug issues, a profession in adult entertainment, and a shit load of disposable cash to her name. After this incident I got my baby’s father to pretend to flirt with her to see just how easy she was and to no surprise it worked. Dirty Box.

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