Japan 6

Aiko has a lot of milage on her. She acts like an idiotic airhead. No one is stopping her. A little over a year ago she gave my boyfriend a few blow jobs. Told someone that blow jobs ain’t sex so they don’t count. So that means she is not cheating on her boyfriend in Osaka  At the time of fooling around with my boyfriend she was doing a 24 year old were she works, had a boyfriend and was going after a married man older then her father. So if you be nice to her and be her friend she will send you pictures and tell you what you want to hear. I have personally forgiven my boyfriend but she don’t stop or care. She even admits she don’t care because she is sexy and can’t help men like her. But when she is done with you it’s yek and never happened. I’m doing this after the point because someone has to stop her. She is a flat out whore.  Chased her married boss in his 50’s. His wife and him were raising his grandson. She stayed in their house while her bosses wife was dealing with flaming ass disease. Shortly after his wife finished cleaning out her zipperhead asshole Aiko moved into an apartment together. Before his divorce Aiko accidentally got pregnant, and to top it off she wants to be a social worker. I hope a social worker needs some morals.

You may remember Jeniko from an early 2010s B-movie “Fuck My Pussy As Slanted As My Zipperhead Fucking Eyes!”. Well, she’s since gotten married and taken to (according to her stbx) having multiple American boyfriends and a Go Fund Me account. One of these boyfriends was my husband at the time. We have 3 children and I later realized she had been stalking me on Facebook for almost 3 years. She’s almost ten years younger than me, and gets plastic surgery to try and keep up with those of us who put in work. Anyway, Jeniko’s other activities include Smoking Mad amounts of crack and meth and seeing how much wiener goo she can get blasted on her to bleach her skin. Jeniko wa watashitachi ga kitsuen shita kiretsu no okane o karite imasu. Mata, jenīko wa kashikoi kanojo wa jaakuna yudayahito ni tsuite shitte ite, karera no mawari o jitto mite imasu. Sore wa kanojo ga kashikoi yuiitsu no monodesu.

This piece of trash Mariko is a pathetic excuse for a woman. She cheated with my husband (20 years her senior) knowing he was married with a family. She just didn’t care; obviously no self respect or moral compass. That’s what happens when you are an insecure, h0ebag who likes to “party. ” Spends most of her days living on daddy dime for drugs and fancy clothes. At 21 hasn’t worked a day in her fucking life unless you call taking on cock a job. She goes to those nerd fucking video game festivals and picks up little zipperhead nerd gamers. She gets them thinking they are going to get a piece of ass, then her juice monkey steroid friends jump out of the closet and rob them. She has bilked tons of American faggot men out of their money online. Her best victims (who she has never even met) are Colt Johnson and Caeser Mack. For some of these losers that she does meet in real life she wears a tight chest binder to hide her “Built On” tits. Some of those old pathetic old men she meets up with still have the fantasy of little asian girl or a flat chested little boy. Either way if you have money for drugs Mariko is there in a flash.


“I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa”-Britney Spears.

Melko is a fucking whore from Aomori. Her face and ass look like she got slugged with a fucking shovel. She can’t grow tits and her vagina smells like a fish market.She use to do low budget porn but all the old guys got sick of fuking her stringy pussy. she’s a nurse at a fucking rub and tug and sells premier jewelry that she steals with her brothers from Outlet malls and luxury homes. Her and her brothers run a lucrative jewel scamming system with some guys from Italy. She has recently been servicing my boyfriends sexual needs (why I have no idea) Guess they don’t have men out there that she had to fb mine and come here to take him away.well good riddance, Karma baby,Karma will hunt you down and I cant wait! Once we get our shipment you and I Melko will have a talk by the docks and see who is who and what is what. Like that time I heard you claimed to have the moldiest maxi pad in your college. Yet Amikita Oramoro beat you with her fungus moss green gem that still has us amazed to this day, and laughing at your lack of yeast infecting powers HA HA HA HA

This want to be instagram model/ so called high end hooker ruined my married and relationship that was over 20 years long. The bitch also drained our fucking retirement acct due to drugs and other needs. Elly carried on an affair with my husband for over 2 years. My husband was not the first married man Elly initiated an affair with. After begging my husband to leave me and being told no, Elly decided to send me pictures, videos, texts and e-mails with my husband. I mean pics and videos of Elly and my husband in all sorts of sex positions. And a picture of my husbands load all over Ellys face as she si smiling and doing a ocky half wave at the fucking cera. Like the bitch is trying to be smart or cute.……who lets someone take a pic of that?? Look Elly up on backpages in the Niigata area. My husband did. Fucking skank.

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