Random F8

Johnny Walker Nigger
Nigger Logic Lawyer Dindu Nuffin

Well yeah its they US they don’t arrest niggers it hurts the Jews master plan of turning the US into a shithole.

Michael Reinoehl the man who niggers raped in the ass lying jew faggot. Happy the scum is dead!

This nigger knows with no whitey means no food or money. He don’t want to live like a nigger in Africa. White Led places= Great. Nigger ran places = Third World Welfare Zoos.


Q. Why Does the US Have a High Murder Rate? A. Lots of Guns and Lots of Blacks!! Guns and blacks, especially blacks marinated in the African-American culture of taking offense, are not a good combination. Blacks tend to be more “into the moment” than other races. It’s a big part of why they are so mediagenic on average compared to other people. A downside of being into the moment is the moment can last the rest of your life if there are guns around.

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