Virginia 4

Sarah cheated on her husband with men and women while he was deployed and stole all the money he made. Her and her friend Victoria took all his money bought meth and male hookers. His car was repossessed, and when he got back and started dating someone new she refused to move out because she couldn’t support herself. She married a guy named Eric just to have a place to stay and continued to try and pursue a relationship with her ex now that didn’t want her anymore. She’s also had sex with two of her ‘friends’ boyfriends who were baseball players and rammed baseball bats up her ass and beat her fat tits with the fucking bats. She had an incestuous relationship with her brother and his friends also joined in. She forced her ex husband to sign over rights to their son with threats of child support being over due, and jail despite the fact the only reason he couldn’t pay was because she bankrupted him. She also thought it was funny when I had to get an abortion years earlier. Also loves to make racist comments towards black people all the time. This person is horrible

Taylor will fuck your man for a line of meth , 20$ hell maybe even a penny. Will even fuck and suck your grandpas saggy, wrinkly fucking cob webbed filled nut sack just for fun. Shes a home wrecker!!! She thinks it’s a blessing and God’s will that brought her to a MARRIED man with a daughter!!! Sorry sweetheart, God does not reward liars and infidelity so you are setting yourself up for some bad karma!! She should probably remove that bible verse from her Bio… makes her look like a hypocrite. I mostly feel sorry for the daughter who will one day learn the truth that her Dad is a piece of crap. But in the end, this woman did the soon to be ex wife a favor. Who would want a stupid, fat, suck in bed, lying, cheating, scumbag anyways?? Oh yea, HOES!!!! BTW…. how he treated his current wife will be eventually how he treats you. Like garbage!! She will go in Sunday morning to preach to people how to be good Christians and people. Then she goes to the beach in a bikini and plays with every fucking rod on the sand. Pathetic skank.

This b1tch is Sarah. She is married has fucked many men in Norfolk while being married. Left her kids for some dude who was married. Husband let her come back after his mom died. And her youngest child is her husband’s nephews child but her husband thinks he is his. And now this skank has the nerve to message my husband sending pics of her nasty a55 body and says dont tell anyone we talk. Well guess what cats out of the bag I fucking know. And also she will have have her face beat in but I just wanted the whole world to know. She cant be trusted around any man she doesn’t respect her own marriage and wants to be a hoe. By now she probably has something Ajax cant take off like AIDS and bum fungus. She is also at the bar alot with her gay meth friend John Paul Jones. Starting fights, stealing, and just being all around assholes. She wears tons of make u to cover all the meth scabs. Her dad is a police guy of some sort in Norfolk. So she services lots of wieners.

This is Jessica. Her previous relationship failed so she decided she was going to pry her way back into her ex’s life. Her ex that she had cheated on and left for another man named Pete… So her ex moved on. Found a faithful loyal butt buddy and was a month from having his balls replaced due to flesh eating herpes… But this “woman” decided to rip him away from a life of a flaming butt pirate She doesn’t care for his happiness of dick swords and gay parades only her own. Which who knows what outcome will be in future. But what are the odds they work? Or did she just give him false hope once again so she can break his heart and leave… And he’s left with guilt of losing the woman he once loved who mothers his first child. All because of a selfish Norfolk HomeWrecker who couldn’t stand to see him with someone else. Jessica is committing a hate crime against the Homo Ass Aids Community and it must be stopped!

Nigger Blows Racist Dog’s Head Off. The Dog Barked Nigger At It so Its Justified.

Meet Harley she stays in parks at night smoking crack and robbing people a lot but also in Richmond, VA she is a super star and is one of those sleazy women that doesn’t have a job or a car.. So she begs for rides or food or money for cigarettes on Facebook and if she does receive attention (which she got attention from my husband) she is all over them like anderson cooper on a mans nut sack… She cant find her own man so she has to go after married men and offer them sexual favors or nude pictures of her taking on multiple cocks all at the same time for money or a car ride. You wanna be popular honey get a bigger pair of fucking tits and then get attention…Let me help you out and make you even more popular! Don’t expect anything more but the jizz on the floor that you lick up on porn sites you pig.

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