Don Lemon: Special Agent Ass Pirate

Likes Bananas In His Mouth And In His Ass

Donald (whose really name is Ahmehad Oogabooga, changed it to his idol Donald Trump). And his Last name to Lemon as lemons are his favorite fruit to shove up his fucking asshole. He is best known for lying on CNN and doing faggot porn with his Mexican gardener. He likes bananas in his mouth and ass.

This Jigaboo was born at the San Diego Zoo back in 1492. Don Lemon is a victim of Slavery as he was owned as a child by Christopher Columbus. Plus he was a victim of the Holocaust that year too. How forbid the evil white man give the nigger a job and freedom to be an ass pirate and play dick swords with other men. Don says that he knew he was gay as a niglet as he use to ram crayons up his asshole at the cotton plantation pre school. Don claimed that all the crayons were brown to promote diversity. Not the fact they were covered with the shit from his ass hole.

Don also has a side business with Jamie Foxx called “Cum in a Cup”. Its basically strange dudes semen in a pouch. But it is great for faggots like Don who sometimes don’t have enough time to suck cock.

“I love Anderson Cooper’s Prickly Nuts Dangling In My Face”-Don Lemon at A Pedo tranny fruit cake what ever they are rally.

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