Aunt Jemima

The Aunt Jemima character is fucking ugly, stinks, and is based on the enslaved “Mammy Nigger Wench” archetype. Since its debut, the character has been laughable and is an example of what most nigger sows in America are. Fat, stupid, and stinky. “Aunt Jemima” is sometimes used as a female version of the derogatory epithet Nigger, Tupac, Barrack Obama, or Uncle Ben.

Pancakes were a great easy source of food back in the ancient times. And once the white men invented niggers and attempted to tame them. They put wenches like Aunt Jemima in their Kitchen’s (with chains) to make their white asses pancakes.

They are apparently taking this shitty product off of the market as some niggers and white liberals said it was racist. Well Aunt Jemima wasn’t even real. Niggers have never invented anything let alone a useful food product. Even when you make false history up for the niggers they get upset. What a failed race. Its sad really.

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