Brazil 14

Brazil’s culture consists of two things: soccer and women. If you don’t like soccer in Brazil, you likely fall into the she-male category. They pride themselves in the fact that they have won the World Cup more times than anyone else, even though it doesn’t really matter because any good Brazilian player doesn’t play in Brazil anyways. In Brazil, it is also considered a religion. But one of the main reasons that Brazilians are so fast, and have good reflexes (used only for the purpose of soccer and chasing little white girls) is because they spend their whole childhood stealing bread and running away from the police up to the hills in which crack is more of a citizen than dirt to ground.

Cortina here likes to start talking to men who have multiple men roommates, she’ll convince one of them she wants them, use them for her own self gratification, ok once she has to have seemed to obtained her goal she sneaks off the bedroom of the marked man in the house she’s trying to gain control over.  Blow him for a bit then invite some of his friends in the room. Then she lets them all gang fuck the living shit out of her. As she does this her real boyfriend Pedro. Comes in robs the place blind a, trashes it, and beats the dudes up. Sometimes he lets them cum, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he breaks their fingers and cuts their dicks off, sometimes he doesnt. She makes a killing off of doing this and it has paid for her fucking stupidly huge fucking melons many moons over.

Jamie last lived with her on-again/off-again longtime boyfriend in Belem. She has been cheating on him for at least a year with several men, including at least one coworker. Jamie is originally from Port Algre. I had a one night stand with her during one of the frequent “break-ups” with her faggot boyfriend. She told me he’s been her only serious relationship and since moving to Belem to live with him several years ago, she finds men for either one night stands or a semi-regular dose of self confidence when they’re fighting/broken up for a day. She may look clean, but she is dirty! The flaming warts on my balls have a tale to tell. Her favorite hobby is going out on the streets and killing cats like strays. Why she does this who knows? Jamies day always has the 3 c’s in it Coke, Coke, and Cat Killing! Bitch!

Those Huge Torpedo Tits
Cause Suzanne A Lot Of
Back Pain. She Fucks Her Chiropractor
To Cover That Bill

This hoe Suzanne is a crazy fucking bitch! Suzanne goes around spreading her legs for everyone she can. She looks innocent but she is the devil inside. Also she will bring you serious problems. This bitch has known she was nothing but a side bitch cock slut but she didn’t care about me because she is a very nasty bitch. She wants to be more than a mistress. Just be aware she’s lurking in night waiting on every man she can spread her legs for. Suzanne is a nasty, dirty, hoe. She will screw anything that moves. She was wagging her nasty ass in his face, none of that mattered to her. She has screwed basically a lot of people. Stay away from this low life, home wrecking, snake in the grass. The other thing is Suzanne gets high on coke and likes to fight weaker people. She runs up to old people and smacks them in the face with her huge tits. Its like getting hit in the face with a sand bag. Shit fucking hurts. Oh Yeah she fucks her chiropractor too. She lurks on the beaches with her weirdo younger brother and as she distracts idiots with her fun bags, her brother rifles through their belongings and takes shit for them to share. Crook and SLUT

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