Indonesia 6

Evelyn always has to have a boyfriend, but will often go out with friends, have drinks, and then end up making out and giving oral sex to some random guy. She loves to blow old men from western countries at hotels in hopes of a green card to a better place. She still hasn’t figured out she is just a cum disposal unit for these men that laugh when they leave. In her mind going down on a guy isn’t considered cheating. She’s done this in her hometown. While she was in college at she developed a severe crack habit which eventually led her to sleeping and working for her dealers . This led to her working as an escort all through college to fund her party lifestyle and her extensive clothing shopping, all while having a serious boyfriend. She’s addicted to shopping, partying, and new penis to give oral sex to. Stay away from this one.  She looks just like a used crusty cum sock under a kids bed. And thats what she is.

Markita fucks tourist for money in Indonesia behind her faggot fucking muslim husbands back. She loves the cock so fucking much she screams as her husband has a small pecker and it usually stuck up cat and goat asses in their rural village. She loves to do mad rails of pure coke and will stay up all night fucking and doing drugs. After she will take your load in her mouth and spit it in the Koran and laugh about it and email you the link to watch. Her hobbies include after fucking and drugs include more fucking and lots and lots of more drugs.

The niggers in Indonesia whine, complain, and bitch also. But the rice pickers laugh at them. When asked by stupid American Liberals why Indonesia treats the blacks like this, the Indonesian Government responded with “Fuck them who cares they are stupid niggers”.

This bitch Rani shits on the street and steals tourists luggage so she can sell it for crack. Rani  is now behind bars after Drug Store employees found her trying on tampons and sanitary pads in the feminine care aisle. She was led out of the store in handcuffs after her resisting arrest turned into a bloody mess. Eyewitnesses say Rani entered the Drug Store high as a fucking kite on Monday and approached the customer service desk for a return. Rani complained that the Tampax ‘Lites’ were causing her to “leak” and the cardboard applicator was just too “rough” for her “woowoo” and she wanted to exchange them for something else.  Kupang Police arrived on scene within minutes and took Rani into the streets and gang raped her in front of everyone. 

This is Jerracka She was my best friend. My sister. My 7 year old called her auntie. I’m the only real aunt her 1 year old knew. She fucked my husband in my bed and left my white sheets stained with blood, quim, and liquid shit. Then continued to message him and when I found out I broke his phone over her fucking head and her only question was, “is she going to tell my husband?” That’s when i snapped. Shes checked on her husband with at least 2 men i know off besides my own. I called her husband and said, so do you know what your wife has been up too? He said no what? And my response… “shes been fuking my husband”. It wasnt until I went to meet up with her husband and told him everything that he believed me. She called one of my jobs and made up lies to get me fired. But little to her knowledge they called me not 2 weeks later to come back. Watch out for this stinky tuna box bitch!

This bitch Mingh likes to steal any guy in a relationship. She scopes them out like it’s a game. She’s ruined multiple relationships of my friends! Two that I can think of that were long term! The first one they were together for over a year and in love, then she weasled her way in and slept with her boyfriend, knowing that he has a girlfriend and that she has it the second one she failed at, she tried to do it but the boyfriend was a decent guy after a while and realized what she was doing. She finds out what your boyfriend likes and studies it just to talk to them. She will go out of her way to make them think she’s better than you when she was a totally different person a week ago because the last guy was a cowboy and your boyfriend is a city boy. She will literally go that fast, even buying new clothes to change! Always praying on men with money ALWAYS! Bitch is 35 and she still aspires to be a model/actress/singer. You suck Mingh. Stick to what your good at draining old man nut sacks. Bitch

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