Niggers and Antifa Faggots smearing Jewish filth in Cincinnati.

It started out with Dyann being “friends from work” with my husband. Then she jumped into his pants! I was 5 months pregnant when he left me for her, and we have 2 other kids! Crazy crazy really! I went over to the trailer she lives in with her parents to confront him and her about it. He had a fucking dog collar on all fours (hands and knees) naked with her in leather with a whip and her fat fucking step dad jerking off while eating peanut butter with a large spachella out of the jar! Fucked up! I stole her meth and bailed. I am still grossed out and have a permanent image cemented in my head of the Silver Dollar sized bright red pimples on her fucking ugly ass with a pair of shit smeared granny panties on the floor beside them and my ex husband sniffing them. Cincy’s finest!!!

Hemroid Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn knew my boyfriend and I were together and we have a daughter who has a chronic illness. She went after my old man anyway and did so for months before I found out. She is a nasty, dirty, slut and she’ll never be anything but a nasty slut. She went straight for my friend’s boyfriend next and my friend was pregnant with her first child and had only been with her boyfriend ever her whole life. This girl is a nasty, sneaky, devious, low life and she doesn’t care who she sleeps with as long as they have a boyfriend. She is banned from walmart and costcos all over the state due to theft. The drugs are killing her. She has an obsession for anal sex and at all times like when she rides the bus you can see her sticking her finger up her ass and itching her hole. I am sure it is a hemroid a massive massive king kong gorilla yellow hemroid.

This is krissie, she has a boyfriend named Tyler and lives with him. She claims she singles and needs money. This is all a lie, she will use you, watch out for this huge lying scammer. She has been coming over to my house every day for the last couple months to get the living shit fucked out of her by me and my friends. It is like fucking clock work. The second Tyler goes to work Krissie comes over with beer for me. Then we fuck she blows me. We get drunk. We get some meth and or crack. Then my buddies come over. She gets on all fours and crawls around from couch to couch with virtually 0 time without a cock in her mouth. We all drink and high five while watching porn on the big screen!!!! We drench her in jizz. Then she goes home. Has Tyler make her supper and then goes to bed on his ass. And repeats it all the next day. Thanks for paying for the booze and letting us use your bitch Krissie Tyler. You fucking faggot!!! Remember to think of all the crusted caked on cum on her body when she rolls around in the sheets at night.

I hope they send all the porch monkeys back to Africa but I hope this one is one of the first.

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