90 Day Fiance Mega Thread 3

Needs Some Fine Touches.

Big Ed Grabbed His Little Dog Teddy By The Hind Legs From Behind. He Stuck His Smug Face Tight Into Teddy’s Asshole. And Ed Sucked All The Shit Out. He Then Sent The Video To Rose For Her Birthday And Rose’s Dad Jerked Off To It. Fuck Ed You Got Issues.

Yep!!! Coltie Fucks them all with his hamster sized penis thrusting in and out as moobs flop around his chest like bean bags.

Jesse is just upset because he is owed the money. He was spending it on items that he and his male escort boyfriends could ram up their assholes when they play bum fuck train. Jesse needs the money too he has been living off his gay lovers Joey Gladstone and Michael Moore for way to long. Jesse has been open and helping the gay black community achieve their goal of eating shit alot too Jesse is owed lets all riot and protest. After all Jesse Lives Matter.

When Big Ed was a faggot male hooker in Chicago in the early 90’s he use to fuck Eddie and Carl Winslow when he was smoking crack behind where they filmed the hit show “Nigger Matters”. He use to get them to tag fuck his midget ass and then cover him in their cum, piss, and shit and they spit on him and called him names. Ed loved it made him almost feel like a real man. So now Carl and Eddie(when he is not in jail) jizz in jars and send huge amounts of their semen to Big Ed for crack money.

Get it the poo is like her because of their smell and canny resemblance. She is a rapping poo ho rapping about negro tampon spear guns and spray paint lip stick.

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