90 Day Fiance Mega Thread 2

Like fellow 90 day Fiance co-star Colt Johnson. Paul also fucks his mother whose name is Edna. Edna resembles the face of a woman who belongs on a box of yeast infection cream for old ladies. Thats what they should call Yeastal Vaginal Waste. The woman should say. “I am having an Edna”. An Edna is when the yeast infection crusts on the vaginal lips and turns a moldy brown or metallic rust color. An Edna. An Edna.

Paul Knows he has to stay away from schools and playgrounds. Yet everywhere he goes the cops keep finding him near them and hucking him in jail for a bit.

Ed plays the rat that masterbates to them. Usman plays a nigger.

“I knew Big Ed back in our college days! He sucked a mean dick back then. Use to call him the Bumble Bee Hoover, as he dressed up in a bumble bee costume and sucked everyones dick while singing country music. Too bad he has no neck and a small penis. He would make any man proud”– Gay Activist and NABMLA President Michael Moore

Molly’s family obviously doesn’t give a shit about her or they want to see her fail for the shits and giggles. This is what her dad should of done when he welcomed that coon Luis.

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