90 Day Fiance Mega Thread

big ed 90 day fiance mom

Big Ed uses the extra Mayo as lube on his tiny pecker and goes onto the cast of little people big world and butt rapes his fellow midgets.

In the country of Jordan it is quite usual for most men to live with their parents at 30. Like in all Muslim countries fucking your mother and father is a key pilar of Islam and must be obeyed by Allah.

“I bent Ed Over And Fucked Him Anally raw up his crusty asshole SO FUCKING hard his head smashed into the metal bedframe, now he has no neck”John Legend Homosexual Trumpet Player

After this was taken Colt hit his mom in the head with that weight. Ripped her old lady clothes off, rammed the fucking weight up Debbie’s naked old wrinkly ass, then stood over her naked shivering passed out cold body on the cement floor. While he jerked off until he covered his mom in his nut butter! You tha man Colt! You The Man!

“I think that stupid show 80 day fiance is gayer than the load of cum with AIDS I have swirling around in my ass cavity right now”.-Don Lemon CNN News Reporter

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