Oprah Puts Her Used Tampons In Food For Starving Kids And Laughs About It

Oprah is a fat land whale who hucks her used soiled with Bill Cosby’s stale jizz depend diapers in the smorgasborg and then invites less fortunate niggers to eat it and laughs about it. She is the kind of silverback gorilla that will wipe her yeast infection on the silverware and then fart out Bill Clinton’s Cum on the Ice Cream. Oprah was born in Africa on a nigger tree located on a nigger farm in the early 1900’s. She worked at Ihop with Rosa Parks for a bit but both were fired for smoking crack and stealing white women’s purses.

There was a rumor that Oprah was raped as a kid could of happened but the odds of someone even a nigger wanting to have sex with her is slim. And the crack/cocaine supply wasn’t as easily available to get people fucked up enough. Be agnostic?

This magical creature who got everything handed to her because the Jews needed a role model to make black women think they have a future (which they don’t because they are niggers). In her personal life she has 9 children all by Dr. Phil, is learning to read, and can now tie her own shoes.. And she stinks like a rancid nigger shitting in a hippos mouth.

Apparently under the influence of alcohol, Kid Rock unleashed an ugly tirade that included such gems as “Fuck Oprah. Oprah Winfrey is like ‘Hey, I just want women to believe in this shit.’ Fuckher. She can suck dick sideways. Fucking Ugly Whale Ape Gorilla Nigger Bitch”

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