Myla Vox. When your ass burns…. Think Of Mylavox…

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You know those things that grow around your asshole? Those red burning itchy things that aren’t quit warts and not quite pimples. Puss comes out of them and it really burns and is uncomfortable when you take a big steamy shit loaf. That my friends means you have MYLAVOX. MYLAVOX is a contagious disease form making gay love with another mans asshole. It is common in Nicaragua and other beaner latin American Loser shithole countries. Some say it is due to butt hurt from Trump building a wall. Others say it is from all the drugs they do. But it is a national pastime itching eachothers MYLAVOX scabs and sores.

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Chelsea and Yamir got married within the 90 days of the fucking show and the spic came to America legally. However, Chelsea started to feel like Yamir was more focused on other mens assholes than their marriage, which put a strain on them. In 2017, the 90 Day Fiance couple ended their relationship and got a divorce. Yamir served a brief stint in jail in 2018 for raping a cat in the park with fellow 90 day fiance star Colt Johnson.

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