Steve Wilkos Is A Skin Head Who Hates Niggers With A Passion

After Years Of Bare Back Anal Sex
Man On Man Porn. Steve Wilkos Became
A Professional Nigger Herder.

Steve Wilkos (Also Known as Nazi Steve Dildos) is what happens when a high school bully who dropped out of community college and served time for aggravated assault accepts Jesus Christ as his lord and savior to hide the fact that he is a flaming fucking homo-sexual. He is an IRL Internet Tough Guy and yet another American talk show host troll with a show full of Nigger/Trailer Drama, a retarded audience, and constant censorship. Before he had his own show, he used to be a security guard on The Hook Nose Jew Springer show and before that, he used to be a pig so he could beat niggers and an Marine to have male on male ass pound showers. Just like The Jew Show, The Steve Wilkos Show is full of niggers, niggers with AIDS, sick fucks, pregnant teenage girls, and niggers who fuck sick fucks who fuck pregnant teenagers. Steve Wilkos will fuck anybody up. He was in the Marines and was a police officer who got to beat Rodney King!!!

Each episode consists of Steve wearing a nazi uniform going batshit insane from the meth he smoked and yelling racial slurs at coons at the top of his lungs for not paying child support (someone has to, we have to spend too much for prison and well fare taxes because of niggers as it is). He then proceeds to taunt his victim, pissing them off like hell, and then laughs at their face because they cannot do anything about it. Upon exploiting his victim for Lulz and making them feel like shit, he makes a lecture telling them how they can “be a better person” by pointing at his whit skin smiling.

This Mr. Clean Looking Racist Faggot Isn’t As Good As He Claims!

Steve Wilkos, the talk show host and former security director on The Jerry Springer Show, was arrested on charges of operating under the influence in connection with a car crash.

On Jan. 21, Wilkos, 53, was involved and injured in a one-vehicle crash in Darien, Connecticut, but it wasn’t until Wednesday evening when he turned himself in at the Darien Police Department after learning that there was a warrant out for his arrest and lots of gay sex waiting for his asshole at the cop shop.

Authorities confirmed his bail was set by a judge at $1,500, which Wilkos paid off by shooting a hot load of cum in the baliff’s asshole, and was released the same day. Medical records indicated that his Charlie Sheen Content was .29% and over the legal limit when he crashed his vehicle, according to police.

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