South Africa 4

Taylor has not only tried to break up my family that I made, but come to find out she has broken up families to get with the male of the house at least twice before. After I found out she was messing around with my husband “which she knew I’m married to him,” I messaged her and she said hoe. She’s so sorry and then proceeded to act innocent and how it won’t happen again… which I believed. Come to find out she continued to try to talk to him and get together with my husband. So I started asking around town seeing if anyone knew her and found out she’s already broke up two other families. All of our Husbands belong to a gun club in Potchefstroom so we can protect our homes and families from all the wild kaffirs (niggers)roaming around the town. We never thought we would have to protect our families from this bitch Taylor!!!

In 2019 niggers raped 114 times a day (reported) lots of the victims were white women. Amanda wasn’t one of them. She has heat all over her house and if one of those boons comes near it…… No one rapes or ever will rape Amanda lets put it that way. The Jewish media lays silent on the horrors that the niggers commit on whites in South Africa. Also 57 white people are murdered each day in South Africa by savage niggers just doing their typical nigger actions. When you read about all these mostly liberal jew wrote articles they blame everything under the sun. Yet fail to see the real problem. THE NIGGER!

This she-boon ape gorilla is Koko. Her black ass is about to spray out a whack load of AIDS infested nigger eggs. Most of the eggs will just remain the feces that they are. But a few chosen jamallets end up walking and breathing and eventually forming sounds. They are like cockroach bugs and or rats. They are filthy and mutate and destroy everything they touch. Most often times jews will grab these vermin and disguise them as humans to destroy white and Asian civilizations. The jewish powers have discovered that these adult form nigger larva cause millions of more times damage to society and are harder to recover from than a nuclear weapon ever could. Christian groups have been sent to Africa to spay and neuter these niggers but it is almost too much work. They multiply even faster than the CoVID virus.

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