Latvia 2

The entire time I was dating my ex-boyfriend, every once and awhile, a new message, email or text would pop up on his phone. Christy declaring her live for him or saying how much she misses him….sometimes just a simple picture of her time in a 5K. At one point she put a picture of him and her up as her profile picture on Facebook. Even after she found out I was pregnant with his child….the messages, calls and texts never stopped. Believe me, I know that he is definitely not innocent in this BUT I do believe that if she would have left him alone, we could have had time and energy to work on us. Instead, the second she found out we were having problems….she was right back at declaring her “love”. At the end of the day, he doesn’t deserve me and they actually deserve each other. I just want to be able to drive the karma bus when it comes to smack her in the fucking face and knock her around!! (Or at least ride “shotgun”).

Sofija Thinks The World
Revolves Around Her And
Her Massive Fun Bag

Sofija is a nasty slimy big titted hoe that has slept with an ENTIRE circle of friends and when the circle came to an end, she stole her older sisters husband of 9 years to fuck him for 5 minutes then dumped his ass and laughed at her sister! Leaving her sister to raise 4 kids on her own due to the ex she fucked for 5 minutes went to a mental institution. Sofija laughs about it and she mails him her panties after other guys cum on them. Meanwhile she has tried to dip her fingers in every persons business by hustling her way in there with her gigantic massive melon boobies…. she is a child playing a very adult game!!!! She just turned 20. No man or woman is safe when this b1tch is around!!! Has a small child of her own but don’t ever have the baby but always has time for the clubs and bars! So if you see a slime trail steer clear because the slug is on the prowl again! Blows the police so she can get free drugs so she can drink and fuck all night long all on other peoples dimes. Not a care about anyone or anything else but herself and her needs only She literally thinks her and her fucking tits are the centre of the universe

This woman Bella is a real home-wrecker. she got involve with a man that was fully married for many years. He lives next door to the tartty slut bag. I know that when he was married he has 1 daughter. When he came to Kandava he would see his mistress Oxna and Bella and many many people know about Bellaand he would take her out like his fuck doll. i dont know anyone that ever saw the real wife anywhere. Because she drunk alot. Bella break up a family. The wife find out and she divorce him. So what does this home-wrecker do, she get pregnant to keep that man under control. He marry her only because she is pregnant. She will do anything to make sure he don’t so the same thing so she gives her body to other men and woman together so he can watch and join in. this is NOT private information. Every one knows all about this. He trash her name to any one that will hear him. 

Netira Kuce

Say hello to homewrecker Erica from Balvi always slutting it up in the fucking bars. This whore tricked my husband and slept with him. She is nothing but a dirty prostituta. All she does is go around sleeping with people’s husbands, boyfriends, dads, dogs, cats, cattle, microwaves, ect…… Beware ladies keep her away. She lies on you just to get in bed with your husband swallow his load and then spit it in your cats food dish when she leaves. I’m not the only wife she has done this to. She even travels all over for men that are married. There is no limit for this whore. She’s a dirty, low down bitch. Do not become her friend because all she wants is your man. Keep your husbands, boyfriends, and sons away from her dirty ass. She thinks she is so hot because she was in a beauty contest when she was 18 that was like 10 years ago bitch is like 30 now. Loose goose snatch. Erica paradis driz smieties, kad sanems Hiv testu.

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