Nevada 2

This woman works for a Butt Plug Manufacturing Company in the same place as my husband. She is a single mom with a teenage son who lights fires. She began going out with my husband and knew that he was married with kids. She would send him hundreds of texts at all times of the day and they would talk on the phone for hours. She has zero respect for his family and continues to send him emails even after he had asked her to stop speaking to him because he loved his wife and family. She makes it simple and tries to make it work related so that he will be kind and respond. They had an “emotional” affair for 6 months and she had him wound ups around her finger. I have reached out to her to just leave us alone but she stated she WILL NOT stop just because he’s married. She also stated that she knew about us but they were just friends even after she knew my husband was pretending to be at work to take her out. She said she kept having anal sex with my husband in the Wal Mart Parking lot for months..

Becky Ex-Waitress in Pahrump, Nevada

A friend and I stopped at a restaurant in Pahrump, Nevada one morning after leaving Vegas to go back to LA. We met this big titted Bimbo Becky. She was a server and dumb as she fucking looks. we got to talking and she blew of all her other customers like the bitch she is. And she joined us. We snuck some vodka in there and then were slipping it our oj’s she was having some too. Then I hinted at her if she wanted to go to the bathroom and do a couple rails of blow. (Becky is still technically on the clock here). She came in and did a few fat rails then I pounded her in one of the stalls. We finished went back out. Then my buddy asked her if she wanted to snort some more and she went in there with him. They took awhile so I went into check on them and he was bending her over the sink. So I joined in and we are tagging the bitch her tits flopping everywhere. Don’t remember much except getting cuffed and spending a day in jail. Why would anyone call in? They could of joined in too! #Good times! Jokes on her too we both have herpes!!!

I was in the hospital because of complications for 6 months of my pregnancy before having to give birth early to keep my baby safe. While I was pregnant and in the hospital, this little girl Jenni (four eyed cock sucking skank) decided to manipulate and open her legs up to my husband, fully knowing he was married and his wife was in the hospital (saving their child). She not only slept with him once, but multiple times on multiple occasions, including in our truck and my brother tagged this bitch with my husband! This little hoe bag has no respect for woman and no respect for herself! She also tries to play the “feel sorry for me” card. She expects everyone to feel sorry for her because she feels “guilty”. Bullshit! You don’t go around f*cking other women’s husbands, multiple times, and say you feel guilty. She deserves for her life to be ruined!

This woman’s name is Catalina and she’s probably the most vile human I’ve ever met, she puts a strap on dildo on and fucks her elderly father to make tick tock video gags. She didn’t steal my husband, but boy did she try to fuck him! We were friendly work acquaintances at one point, and at least from my end, I thought we were cool. Most girls didn’t like the dirty fucking bitch because she’s conceited and sucks every dude off at work for perks, always flirting with the bosses in order to get a better schedule and avoiding side work, leaving everyone else with more work to do.. but I chose not to judge her so she gravitated towards me. She came crying to me one day asking for help when she was fired from her waitressing job because she stopped blowing her boss and he caught her fucking his brother. So I invited her to lunch with my family so we could talk, we connected her with a few adult entertainment people that we knew and got her a few interviews. I noticed as the months went by, I would text her to check up on her and she started avoiding my texts and grew distant. When I brought this to my husband’s attention he immediately started acting weird, and after much prying, he eventually told me everything. This woman had been sending him nude photos and sexually aggresive emails for MONTHS. Complained about being unhappy in her own relationship, telling him about her on-going drug problem, and said she wanted to be with an older man (like my husband). Watch out for this bitch in Carlin..

Meet Sarah of West Wendover This luxurious 24 year old one of a kind gem hoe bag who will screw anything for a quick dope sack. Bitch stole my crack under the bridge last night while she was tweeking mad. She will manipulate in order to get where she’s going that day, fuck any man or anyone’s man that’s willing to tolerate and participate in her very sleazy, scandalous,childish,ghetto, hood rat games. She sucked my cock under a filthy bridge that stuck like sewage and had rats roaming around in it. And don’t let that sweet little attitude fool you she will rob you blind f*** your brother and possibly wake your sister if given the opportunity .. But you have to watch because she’s quick to flip the script and play victim and get you locked away real quick ever heard of loose lips sink ships??? This bitch has ratted on EVERY DRUG DEALER, GANG MEMBER, IMMIGRANT, when she gets bored she calls social service on parents to stir the pot. That’s all pun intended. I had the pleasure of having a go around with this one until I thought she was on the verge of giving me a DRD then I had to throw her to the curb where her and more than half her family belong anyway watch out for this one because she’ll take whatever she can get.

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