Washington DC 2

Ruby is a woman who will sleep with any man, younger, older, married, single, etc… as long as she can use them to leverage her career in being a right wing new media personality. She passes herself off as a Dr via her work in the medical field, but her “degree” is an online piece of paper in an unrelated field to anything she actually gets paid for. She has big fucking jugs so she gets to lay alot of pipe. She moved to Washington back when US and A elected a nigger as she wanted his black ass out. Now she wants the orange man out and wants to run the shit herself. Her first goal is niggers back to Africa/ban Islam/Ban Jews/Ban Fags. Problems ALL SOLVED. It really is as easy as that. If Bimbo Ruby and her enormous fucking jugs can understand that? Why Can’t anyone else?

Alejandra owns a stolen burrito cart in Washington DC. She is a gross fucking pig. When you go and buy a burrito from this bitch she farts or quiffs on it before she serves it. She is an illegal and openly walks around and laughs at the USA’s immigrant policies and commits crime and steals everything. She came to my man behind my back and fucked him. Now my happily relationship is over because of her. I cannot understand why some females can’t get enough dick in their lifes. This bitch comes into MY country and this is the way she treats me? Fuck those beaners lets get that fucking wall build NOW!!!! It use to be normal now here now Washington DC looks like a sewer exploded with niggers as beaners blew a pinata up.

John and Sparkles are the new wave of gay. Men who love pets is on the norm just like homosexuality and people with negro love partners. Fucking dogs is now acceptable due to liberal governments.

His name is John. He’s 31 and lives in Washington, DC and he fucks his dog Sparkles there. He grabs sparkles by the hind legs on his balcony, leans Sparkles head over the railing sticks his dick in Sparkles little doggy asshole, and he just goes to fucking town on the dogs ass. Yanking Sparkles tail in sync with his yelps, John bites his lips and closes his eyes as he is about to ejaculate Jizz in Sparkles Dirty Doggy Asshole. Sparkles can be heard all over the DC metro area barking and arfing in pain or in pleasure. John Too Yells At The Top Of His Lungs “Sppaaaaaaaaarkkkkkkles”. Unless you’d like to be forever branded for hanging out with a dog fucker by associating with this guy, stay away ladies (& gentlemen). He’s on multiple pet lover apps. He really is a dirty dog fucker. John has long fought for the rights for a man to fall in love with a consenting dog. After all in dog years Sparkles is an Adult and he is white so its not like the dog is a minority.

Shit her pants in Walmart and blamed little nigger kids

This woman Jacqueline Bethesda Brown Beaten Barf Box preys on married men. She has ruined 2 marriages and now she is on to mine. She wins guys hearts by collecting money and buying cars and houses for these guys from cash she gets from all the little dicked old balled politicians Bill Clinton hooked her up with in the fucking 90’s.. She is also addicted to pills, booze, crack, meth, heroin, fentanyl you name it. I hope she gets what she deserves one day even worse than the ass herpes she has now. Keep your husbands away from this devil drug addict. All she does is take pictures of her in bed with your man and send them to you to brag. Ruining 3 marriages that I know of so far. She brushes her teeth with semen and bong water. Dirty bitch Jacqueline Now the whole world knows your secrets. Most already know about the time you shit your pants in walmart and blamed it on the nigger kids.

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