Manitoba 4

I’m afraid there’s not much to say about Carrie from Grandview, Manitoba, Canada. You’re average everyday misinformed, ignorant easy score. I’ve known her for years and happened to run into her through a mutual friend. Thanks to Facebook she contacted me several times to ask for a ride. I obliged a couple times as I know how it can be sometimes. Quickly realizing her inconsiderate abuse of my kindness I politely informed her that I would no longer provide such convenience and I for personal reasons did not wish to continue any further communications. A few months later I caught her in my bed getting fucked by my husband. Low life fucking trash whore belongs back at the Grandview Motor Inn whoring herself out for meth. Again.

Pole Riding Dealership Mascot

Celeste is the HR manager and official Mascot of the dealership in Wawanesa. She has slept with managers, sales men, body shop workers, she is an equal opportunity slore. She sleeps with married men and starts affairs with anyone who gives her a chance. The fact that she is married has never stopped her, she gets people fired and sits on her holier than thou pedestal, thinking no one knows what she is really like. A LYING, CONNIVING, SLORE dealing with low self-esteem from her childhood. She is obsessed with the last husband she put her claws in. He chose his wife she stalks them on social media. Her husband is a bigger idiot than anyone because he knows about it all and still pretends to be happily married. She is one of these girls who found self esteem at 35.

This Land Walrus Wanda is nothing but a meth head and think shes better then everyone else, she acts like shes the perfect mom, but really her son is soo scared of her, she abuses her parents when they get their reservation cheques from whitey. She thinks every guy wants her, but when the fumes wear off from the gas they huff the natives run far away. Shes the nastiest person you’ll ever meet, oh bonus to she falls in love fast and she will ask you to move in. And if you dont want her, she will pretend shes pregnant, shes been saying that forever already that she was pregnant. Her fb is Ashlee . Just feed her and she will be all in love. Wanda goes into walmart in a dress. And goes down the toilet paper aisle, she grabs 2 large packs. Squats in the aisle and lets the diareah splatter flow. Then semi-wipes her ass and leaves the paper on the floor with poo on it! #WINNING.

Stinky Snatch Kim uses guys, thinks that everyone has to jump her, if you tell her you don’t want to be her friend and you don’t like her she files false police reports and gets false protection orders. She’s a serious slutbag of stds who’s easily impressed and spreads her legs for money or if you have a motorcycle or truck. she is useless to the core, a deadbeat mom and gets drunk all the time and shares needles with the homeless. For someone who’s a grandma complaining that she doesn’t get to see her grandson. Don’t trust being her friend she will lie to you break promises beg you to stay in her life just a treat you like s*** and make you feel like a nothing so she can feel better about herself and her poor choices.

Shit on a dance floor while high
On meth and crack.

This girl Brandy has no shame in her game. She will sleep with your husband or boyfriend. She is supposed to be teaching children but instead only works to buy her crack and meth, she doesn’t care what she does at work and neither does anyone else. She should have been fired along time ago. But she swallows loads like a pro so she is fine. SMH and she’s supposed to be a role model? I’ve seen her drunk in public so many times, with her nose running from all the crack she does. Ladies, keep your husband’s close and drug dealers, ur drugs closer lmao. Last weekend she went to a bar and shit on the dance floor. Enough said.

This fucking bitch rat is Sabrina Not only did she cheat on her husband of 3 years and 2 kids, she did it over and OVER again. No surprise once they got a divorce… oh but with her new boyfriends she enjoys to spend her time having 3somes with all of his friends,videoing herself getting pigroasted and showing her friends. Seriously embarrassing to even have known this disgusting b1tch. Her ex has went nuts and lives under a bridge with natives huffing paint thinner now. Watch out wives/girlfriends, coming up is this nasty hoe tryna steal your man. Does her boyfriend even know half the guys shes fucked? Probably not. She works as an escort for Fred Penner who is in a relationship with Sydney who is part of the Chris Harrison Porn Empire.

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