Bulgaria 2

Megen has been a long time sloot. Cheated on her husband for the entire year she was with him. Getting fucked in the barn on the family farm by her fathers friends. She has been messaging my husband for about 6 months now. She messaged him and tried telling him that the son she just recently gave birth too, was his when he hasn’t even slept with her. On top of the fact that she was continually sending naked photos of herself to him while holding her son. She continuously kept jumping from man to man while shes married to Boris Njdelksvic. So please, leave my husband Petr alone you skanky little b1tch. And thanks for fuking his dad on top of all this for your stupid vicodin pills too. Have fun running from your drug debts. Next time those fucking Russians come by your house looking for money your drunk brothers wont be there.(translated)

This bitch Mariya fucking cum dumpster went after my husband in a bar in Bulgaria. He was on a trip there. She told him all the right things and he decided he wanted to fuck her with no consideration for me. She KNEW he was married, and she still encouraged him to be with her. They kissed in several public places and eventually she sucked his cock in front of everyone in a public place and did have sex. Now he is in love with her. He doesn’t want to be with my stink ass anymore because she gave him all this attention and made him feel “special”. Mostly his fault, but she had a hand in it. She knows we have two kids as well and probably doesn’t give a shit and thinks I am a horrible wife because I don’t drink and party all the time. Well fuck her, he can have her (she’s 23, he’s 33!) She is so inferior to me as well; has health problems, is not fit and has no education or career. Wish her luck!! A Fucking loser, with a loser bitch, from a loser country, with a loser future. For a white country they sure are almost as poor as niggers in Bulgaria!!!!

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