California 5

This female Kaycee had the audacity to flirt with my boyfriend. I confronted her about it and she told me she was going to fuck him better than I could and proceeded to flirt and hit on him! So I shrugged it off..until I found proof they have continued to talk..on Facebook and I confronted her again and she laughs at me calling me a skank! I tell her I have proof they still talk and she blocks me on Facebook..well I had blocked her from my boyfriends Instagram and conveniently they are friends again and still talking! Be careful girls she will try to get at both of you!! So when I got them fucking for the millionth or so time. I hit the bitch in the face with an iron. Then grabbed my now ex by the cock and balls and rammed his dick in the fucking toaster oven. Fuck them both they ruined my life.

Melissa doesn’t care that she’s married to a pathetic faggot, that her husband is locked up for raping old women, that she has four kids, or that her mom is a drunken pastor. All she cares about is herself. She thinks its ok to mess around & act like she’s the innocent one. She goes to the bars and gets shit pounded in alley ways. I talked to some guy while we were smoking crack and he told me that her underwear is stuck to her crotch like glue. Probably due to all the cum in there and the fact the bitch never showers. Melissa is cheap too she will steal all your drugs and booze. Which is not only bad for you but it is bad as you need that shit in your system to even consider fucking this bitch. Her pussy is dirty as mud. Everytime my buddy blasts his load in her he steals her glasses and places them on his fire place mantle. His fucking living room looks like Lens Crafters.! #WINNING!

So I been married for 3 years have known my husband for 4 years we have a two year old girl. He confessed he cheated when I was 29 weeks pregnant he had told me that he had met Mikaela while working at Walmart that she was better in bed than me that he had lasted longer with her that she looked better than me. I was fucking angry so I found out where this bitch lived. I went to her shitty trailer all high on crack with a baseball bat, gasoline, and my piece. As I was pouring gasoline on her fine rusty trailer shack. Her fat fucking brother cousin came home in his shitty truck. I chased his beaner illegal ass through a lettuce field with a bat. Then lit the field on fire. I seen Mikael run out crying then she got into a black lexus and her fat fucking spic friend Carlos “Little Dick” Gonzales fired shots at me for some reason as they fled off almost hitting a bunch of niglets stealing hub caps. Its on now bitch. I live at 346 Hilltop Ave, Strathmore, CA. Bring IT Bitch I am waiting!

This chick Kimee will have sex with literally any guy that has a dick, doesn’t matter if the guy is 60+ years. She is having secret sex with an older guy Tony Vlachos that is a cop in a different city ((he’s married and has children)) and then screwing her boyfriends which change all the time… then she screwed my fiancé Colt in my bed, and she was supposedly my “best friend”. She is a race track HOMEWRECKER… she has slept with so many peoples husbands it’s disgusting I could go on and on but y’all got the point! She is known to find humor in going into gas station bathrooms. Making a mess with her shit in the can, on the floor, smears it on mirrors. Taking pictures of it for her website. And then laughing. She also fucks with the toilet plumbing so it takes longer to fix. Just gross.

This chick Sarah has been messaging my husband and won’t stop. I finally found a message from her to my husband and called her out on it, she lied and he told the whole truth. So I went over to her house, grabbed the rake on her front lawn, rang her doorbell, and when she answered whacked her over the face with the rake. Then when she hit the ground like the sack of shit she is, I rammed the rake handle up her fucking ass and broke it off to give her slivers. She’s married with kids and her husband doesn’t even know. He says they never met but I call BS on that part. She is disgusting and a home wrecker. Sarah get help you skank and go buy a new fucking rake!!!!

This girl has always been a loose person, ever since we were preteens and Ashton tried to sleep with everyone’s daddy but time sure has not improved her. I have three friends who’s husbands have had her drunk ass come on to them the past year and she tried to ask my husband for a threesome. What I want to know is where does her husband think she is all the time? One time also a few years ago people made her go into hiding after a huge secret came out. She made a movie where she brushed her teeth with toilet water with shit and piss in it. She likes to smoke crack in the bush with her aunt ruth too. Watch out for Ashton she eats her shit crusties that she pulls from her ass hairs once they are hard. Like gum.

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