Tampa Bay

Amanda is a fucking bitch! She goes into the Tampa Petting Zoo and abuses animals. She kicks chickens in the head. Then she puts on a huge steal strap on dildo and fucks the goats while her brother films it on his phone for youtube videos. Don’t let her plain Jane looks fool you. She is NOT the girl next door, more like a black widow who preys on married men. Amanda had an affair with a married man, knowing damn well he had a fat fucking whale of a wife and kids at home. She has no respect for marriage or the families she could potentially destroy. Beware. She will smile at you all the while screwing your husband! She taunts the women whose men she is fucking by sending them pictures of her with their dick in her mouth. Disgusting home-wrecking slore with no morals! She works part time at Dairy Queen and fucks all the college kids there and makes them jizz in blizzards that she serves to niggers. She laughs when she does this and thinks it is her right and white privilege to do so. Sick. Just plain sick.

Kayla befriended a mom in her homeschooling group. This mom helped her make new friends, confides in her, and invited her out a couple times to meet new people. One night, she sees her friend’s husband play music at his gig and instantly crushes on him, making comments to her new friend which just sounded like jokes. The next night, the innocent mom friend invites Kayla out to meet more of the homeschooling parents. Kayla gets drunk and asks innocent friend’s husband to chug beer and whip his dick out. So he took his wiener out and video recorded it on his Iphone for his buddies to watch. Well to make a long story short his fucking wife found the phone and video and showed EVERYONE!!!!!! Google “Kayla sucking cock in bar” or “crazy bitch gets pissed on after choking on jizz” You will find her..

Likes To Help People Save On Car Insurance. And is a fucking skank whore.

Skyler is a disgusting young women who sells her albino sewage snatch for crack money. She doesn’t care who she has sex with and she is dangerous as she contracted multiple STD’s while she was a call girl down in Peru in the 90’s for that cock sucker Bill Clinton. About four months ago my fiancé of 4 years cheated on me with her. Watch out ladies in pinellas county she will do anyone and anything. Skyler works at Geico insurance in Tampa and the St. Petersburg Office and has been known to have sex with fellow employees and just those folks wanting to save on insurance. To her boss she puts up a good front. But in reality she is ripping the company off blind and running a whore house out of the fucking office. She is gross and fiddles her stinky pussy with a dildo that looks like that fucking Geico lizard.

This Home Wrecker Cynthia is a stripper in Tampa and is chalking up a growing list of “d’s” without a care about the wake of destruction she leaves. Her hair matches her crotch that is ridden with flaming herpes She drinks cum till blackout drunk and will do the filthiest things imaginable, beg for it in fact, from married men and strangers alike without shame. She loves sticking her tongue in mens assholes after they liquid shit. She will sleep with you without a rubber and do the same to all your friends and co-workers. She seems to get off being used like a rag that collects dudes cum loads and has no self pride or self control. Once obnoxiouly drunk she told me she is married but her husband left her, prob for screwing around on him, which is maybe why she acts like she has a will to ruin peoples lives with the insatiable thing between her legs. Her BO is foul. It is like a mixture of cat urine, sweat, and burger king deepfried but with a tinge of staleness. Her muff is even worse. Wear a fucking gas mask.

Plastic Bitch Born With A Dick Which She Forces Male Lovers To Suck The Shit Off Of After Ass Fuck Time

I thought this Katie was a friend. She sat with me when my husband were separated and encouraged me that it was for the best and that lesbianism is gods pure way. She saw my pure pain and heartbreak and even called him out for his crap. Turns out the whole time she was going behind my back and sleeping with him because she wasn’t getting attention from other guys. At the same time, we would hang out and I trusted her. When her yeast infection was exposed, she got mad at another of our friends for sharing information with me and blamed jews for all the wars in the world. I had to agree with her on the Jew part but I went to go kick the bitch in the box. Then she fell down. She did not get kicked in the box. She had balls. She had a dick the whole time. And fucked m husband in the asshole nightly with it and he licked her balls. He would go as far as to lick his own liquid crap after she fucked him off her or his dick. All I received in return was pure betrayal.And genital that burn and itch so bad they are redder than they are now warts. You are a bad man Katie. Beware he tucks the sausage and duct tapes it and hides it well.

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