Newfoundland 2

Sharron will sleep with anyone. She slept with her boss at a consulting business and then slept with some of the clients she also slept with young man at A&W that worked behind the counter she would invite him over when her husband was out of town while still plowing her boss. She now is getting a divorce but slept with neighbors and police officers she will do anything for sex. She isn’t after money she truly just enjoys sex and likes to seduce men and women. I fuck her at least once a week. I leave right after I blow my load on the sluts face. Why am I complaining about this you ask? She stole my last smoke. Fucking bitch. GO suck a cock get the 20 bucks and buy your own pack. Fucking you is only worth a fucking happy meal and I keep the toy. Fuck you . One of Newfoundland’s hidden Gems Sharron’s Pussy!

This stupid skag Allisa will sleep with any man who is married or taken. Then when the wives find out she pretends she’s not fucking their husbands when in all reality she never stopped in the first place. She only sleeps with married or taken men, she doesn’t have to self respect to try and get her own man! You will see her at bars stealing drinks or under tables servicing cocks. One of Newfoundland’s finest. Only 50% Inbred too.

See this nasty piece of sh1t Stacy? She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. She’s not above sucking an old man’s c0ck and fuking him to get ahead in her job. As a matter of fact she loves the smell of old wrinkly bengay sweat balls in her fucking mouth. And then she’ll fire anyone that doesn’t kiss her fat warty bum fungus a55. Or fuck it with a huge purple rubber dildo strap on. My husband was working in Northern Canada, and right after I gave birth to his brothers child I found out he was fucking this slore. They both ruined my life. Now I will ruin their’s. Now that her kids are raised she’s leaving the man who stepped up to the plate and filled in as Daddy (her first husband was lucky, he got away) and she’s on the move. If your husband/bf is even friendly with her she will pounce on them like a cat in heat. Beware –   her ego is bigger than her a55. And she will stop at nothing until other’s are as miserable as her pathetic existence.

This girl Alicia…. she got married in July of 2019. By August 2019 she was cheating on her husband that she had known since high school…. with someone else’s fiancé his name is Colt. She had ruined their engagement then made his ex look crazy by making stuff up in order to further manipulate him. She kept the affair hush for MONTHS (except for their friends group knew, which was a no brainer as they were all having orgies together in the forest) while her husband was away working his a55 off to pay for their house, cars, etc. And use to have her side pieces over to their house all the time. She paid for his booze and dates (again, her husbands money). She’s also an alcoholic and fed off of his issues and made them worse. Look tf out ladies, this ones a nasty one. Everytime I am Newfoundland and I need my dick wet and I go to Alicia’s I always make sure I pack with me what I have below.

The big bad kaitlyn. Wrap it up with this one I fucked her last year and I still pick scabs from my cock and balls from meeting this skank. I usually pick them off when I go to a buffet and keep the scabs in my pocket. Then I put them in the soup and salad at the buffet. Its funny watching people eat the std scabs. I especially laugh when I hear them crunch and or they have a pube in it and they pick it out LOL! Hpv Drd for the past 3 years. Like going out with 18 year old when this one is 30 year of age with 10 kids under her belt already!!!!. The word around corner brook her hole is like a beef bucked super special from Arby’s. Its raunchy fucking gross. No grip. You can fine kait at the corner brook cave when her social assistant check is out and her eager mouth is waiting for dick and crack/cocaine.

Kelsey And I spend Tyson’s Money on
Blow and hookers LOL

Kelsey been screwing every guy she comes across for a long time now. Her boyfriend Tyson has no idea. The whole time when I fuck Kelsey which is usually twice a day she screams so loud and tires me the fuck out. She is a bitch and a complainer alot too. She complains about Tyson. His dick is small, he stinks, he has massive shit stains that smell like niggers in his spiderman underwear ect She will complain that other women don’t like her because she steals from them ect…. This chick needs to go on doctor fucking Phil. Last time I nailed her I tried duct taping her mouth shut so I could at least think about her friends when I orgasmed. But Kelsey gnawed threw the tape. Just like we gnaw threw Tyson’s bank account to buy coke, beer, and escorts to join us for threesomes. Its a blast but she needs her vocal chords taken out and a heavy duty pressure washer to hose down her pussy and asshole ever hour. Bitch gets used.

Newfoundland 1

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