Alaska 3

This Nigger Raped and Robbed an Eskimo
Bitch For This Coat.

It is a well known fact that there are no niggers in Alaska. In part this is due to natural selection, as niggers are adapted for hot to moderate environments. When exposed to the cold and harsh environments of which only whitey can survive in, niggers will freeze into black shit nuggets and confused with polar bear shit. Additionally, niggers cannot get away from their crimes as they have difficulty using their running abilities in several feet of snow. Combining these two factors with the general lack of crack cocaine makes Alaska an utterly inhospitable place for niggers.

Haley will pretend to be your friend when all she’s doing is getting closer and closer to your husband… she complains about her husband cheating on her with homeless eskimo crack hookers to make you feel sorry. Then she falls in love with him and tries to convince you to leave him all while trying to convince your husband to leave you for her. If your friends with her watch out.Steals shit from people to fuel her own drug habit, that she gives others shit for doing. She brings crack into Alaska for the Mexicans then uses the money to finance her pornographic business.

While my husband and I were still together this little bitch Shannon of Seward and him were sleeping together and she got pregnant. He started violently beating the shit out of me and even has charges on him for domestic violence after kidnapping me and beating me up to the point I had to jump out of his car and break my foot. While I lay on the ground with a broken foot he stopped the car grabbed a shovel from the trunk and struck me numerous times with it. Doctors say I might have brain damage and may become dumb but still smarter than any nigger. At the time I still had no idea why he was like this and we did try to work things out even afterward but in November he all of a sudden Twisted on me and ended up leaving again (shes the 8th girl). Months later I find out it’s because he had gotten her pregnant and they got married in Anchorage. Little bitch.

Kayla likes to rekindle past relationships with ex’s. She likes to lie to her husband about going to dinner with another man, have secret conversations with another man and takes no responsibility for the problems she caused by being selfish and fucking each and every one of them in the bathroom at Airport Pizza.. She uses social media like snapchat so conversations disappear and Facebook messenger. She is notorious for fucking every guy who is not from Nome that ventures into town. She married Inuit but has no value of tradition, culture, or history by fucking the evil white man that stole her ancestors land many years ago.

This big burley Butt Bandit is Pete. He roams the Alaskan wilderness in the winter on that snowmobile he stole from that bitch Sarah Palin. He stole it after he fucked her, And her dog! Pete likes to hang out at the Fat Mermaid in Valdez and masterbate to all the elderly tourists when they get out of their RV’s. When those old bastards park their RV’s, Pete goes into them, steals all their valuables. Then when he gets what he wants or deems good to pawn for crack. He masterbates and drenches the whole inside of the rv in CUM. Think of your grandparents sleeping in that old burley lumber jacks piss and jizz. Their pillows, their forks, the “I love you grandpa” card you made him in the 2nd grade. Pretty sexy.!!! You the man Pete You the Man!

Alaska 2

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