Alabama 4

Alabama’s Old President

The most famous Alabama governor was George Wallace who managed to pull the amazing feat of fucking with and winning the hearts and love of both Niggers and the KKK by promising “segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever” while also putting a whole bunch of blacks in government, mainly as cotton pickers and toilet cleaners. Then he got shot and turned into a cripple. No other Alabama governor has been able to pull off this since, so most governors will stick to idolizing either the jungle bunnies or the Jew that pays them, but not both. All Alabama governors do enjoy to punish fags and lesbians as both white and black Alabamians agree that homos piss of the almighty God. “You know, 300,000 nigger voters is mighty hard to overcome. Scratch that. Felons can’t vote.” Is the most famous quote by George Wallace.

Tells Spic Gangs To Bring It! Those Beaners
Will Never See Any Money From Her
For The Drugs She Stole.

Chelsea claims to be a holy Christian and has a rub and tug pay by the hour whore hotel in Mobile, Alabama. Which she runs and often works as a whore in herself. Each room has a bed and a sink, so when your finished you can wash your dink. Yet what people do not know is that she is actual a hypocritical, run of the mill Jezebel who also specializes in home wrecking extracurricular activities with men that she knows are in relationships, marriages and live with other women. She enjoys breaking up homes for her personal temporary gain and she doesn’t not care who gets hurt women, children or otherwise. She owes money to pawn shops for video equipment and numerous crack and meth dealers in town. She owes some Mexican gang for drugs and the MS 13. When she is confronted about it she laughs and says “What are a bunch of faggot little dick border jumpers going to do to me.” Watch out for her in Mobile and stay clear.

About to get her head
jumped on by boots with
shit on them

Courtney is a drug addict, trailer trash mother of two unfortunate children in beautiful Mobile. Her kids still wear diapers at almost teenagers and run around the yard (with no lawn) they have rat tail hair cuts. AC/DC Blaring from the 8 track! Her last place of employment was at a strip club but now works at a fish plant as it stinks just like her fucking box. She paid my ex husband for helping her out with things such as hanging shelves in her mobile home and changing the oil in her car with sex from her and her friends. She knew he was married but didn’t care. My husband bent her and 5 of her friends over at a pool at Madison’s house and they all swallowed his dick juice. I hate them all especially that bitch Madison. I hate Courtney almost as bad I would like to keep my boots on after I step in a pile of shit and jump on their fucking whore heads.

Well, I heard about this little slut Jenny thru a friend of mind. She has taken Mobile by storm. And let me just say, that’s NOT the side of town you want to be “known” for getting around in. She has not only had sex with married men, but she’s prostituting for drugs. And she’s in a relationship. It’s sad, she chased after a married man for years and tried to ruin a marriage but rumor is she was unsuccessful . She is prowling and obviously fooling her new boyfriend, some weird kid that puts up with her std’s and is willing to deal with that for the rest of his life. She bends her little flat chested ass out in parks. Most guys fuck her for a 5 (if they even pay her). People rip her off for drugs and she rats people to the cops. For such a little bitch she lays the biggest stinkiest shit logs and she reeks of it along with cat piss. She always pisses herself due to intoxication. Trooper!!!!

As of 2020 Michelle Obama BANNED the use and sale of all feminine products. Tampons, muff cream everything. “It is a racist invention by the evil white man” she explains. “It is there way of calling us stinky monkeys”. Michelle Obama also added “Ook eeek banana, give me whitey i too stupidz and lazy dog, Work and books is racist tooo”.

This is Shelby one of Alabama’s finest. I met her at a Burger King outside of Birmingham and she asked out of the blue if I wanted to fuck. I already had AIDS, herpes, and the drip may as well go for a mystery “Alabama Slammer” To my belt. So I never wore a condom. Fucked her in a car wash bathroom across the street. It was hard to know what stunk more the garbage, the bathroom I was raw fucking her in, or her pussy which had a greenish-orange crust lining which dripped ooze out of the crusted scabs. It was gross but I took one for the team and realized it was the best I could find in Alabama. Most of the women in Alabama are more gross (as Alabama banned all feminine products like tampons as Michelle Obama said they are racist and holding little nigger sows down. Not their monkey like brains that the racists sa), inbred, or nigger antique farm models society somehow tries to tell us are humans.

So this is Lindsie , from Wetumpka Alabama. She is married to a military man and has 2 children with him or the mail man or pizza delivery guy who every roams around some dork pays for them. But while he’s away making all male adult movies for jewish pigs to masterbate to, she likes to sleep with married men. Not only does she sleep with them, she doesn’t use protection so now she is pregnant as she can obtain income from a child and use that money to purchase dildos and crac/cocaine. What’s sad is, she doesn’t know if her husband or the married man she’s been sleeping with is the father, not that she cares she will just lock the kid in a pet carry on anyway. She has not only destroyed an eight year relationship, but now will possibly destroy her poor little kids and husbands life.

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