Mexico 8

This woman Clara is a dirty fucking home wrecker, gets involved with married man and when confronted acts like she didn’t know he was married but keeps pursuing the man, acts like she’s sorry for what happened and keeps messing around with the guy. Be careful out there! She’s a cheap woman who doesn’t care if the man is married or not, spreading disease and acting like a victim while doing so. Be careful with her she’s a bartender for booner! She is so desperate to get across the fucking border she is willing to blow anyone anytime anywhere. She is too stupid and lazy to walk the few minutes though. Its filth like this that give Mexican people a bad name.

Fucked Puny Pecker Pedro The
Hotel Del Rio Dish Washer

Isabella she’s a slutty server at Hotel Del Rio who works with my soon to be small dick ex-husband Pedro. She walks around the bar high on coke with her tits flopping out. My husband is the dishwasher. She preyed upon him during his darkest times. He is likely suffering from depression and gonoreaha but won’t seek help. I caught on last year and he swore he’d stop talking to her and staying up all night smoking crack. So she took her daughter’s phone to call him. She knew the entire time he was married. She didn’t care. He believes every one of her lies. He moved out today. Crushing our three children and me. They have been having sex for at least 6 months a LOT of it. She’s a predator of the worst kind and she has a daughter who will learn this behavior from her. She can have Puny Pecker Pedro. Whore.

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