Maryland 2

Her name is Tatjana and she is currently 5/6 months pregnant by a married man named Omar. Omar and Tatjana have been having an affair on and off for over a year and she is now carrying his hindu love child as American men won’t touch the fucking pig. Tatjana knew he was married and still pursued him being in a relationship with him even after meeting the wife and crying about how sorry she was that he told her he was not married! Even know that Omar and his wife are currently going through a divorce process Bc of his affairs, OMAR still begs his wife to forgive him and take him back even with this other child on the way in a few months. Tatjana should just move to India, the middle east, or Africa. Those are the only places on the planet the men are dumb enough and desperate enough to touch her.

Haylee left quim and shit stains
in my bed.

 This is Haylee this trashy bitch has been fucking my husband behind my back. In one of the messages she wrote to him saying “I fuck better than your fat wife. I want to fuck you with my sisters” .. so right there DISGUSTING PIECE IS PREGNANT. as far as she knows that he has cheated with half the town everyone fucks that slut. Keep your husbands away from this slut cuz she does not care about your relationship, just looking for an easy fuck. Smh… To think this bitch got fucked in MY BED. Gross I know those shit and quim stains arent from me I sniffed them. They smell of skank. And my dad’s dick.

Caitlyn does gross sexual acts with her dog Pebbles.

Caitlin is a coworker of my fiancé and a former close friend of mine. She and I were friends for several years and my fiancé and I used to hang out with Caitlin and her boyfriend JD several times a week, usually at their house on Crescent Rd in Greenbelt MD. Caitlin was strange, often times grabbing tools used around the yard to for no reason ram up her dog “Pebbles” Tight doggy asshole. About 3 months before my wedding, I find out that my husband has spent the day alone with Caitlan and Pebbles at her house while their office, ChasenBoscolo law firm in Greenbelt MD, was closed and Caitlin’s boyfriend and I were both at work. When I confronted my husband about it, he said they were just talking. Turns out a month later while Caitlyn’s parents were watching her wedding video it showed my husband and Caitlyn with a strap on fucking Pebbles asshole and my husbands asshole. SICK. She taped that over her wedding video. You disgust me Caitlyn.

Her Vaginal Blood Smells Like A Black Person’s Breath.

This nut case Christine , got a buddy of mine set up while he was dating her. She’s a compulsive liar who always blames others, hardcore drug addict and uses while pregnant. She scores the best drugs in the whole state of Marylad. She has to fuck about a mile worth of cock to get it but its her ass and it is her right to do what is needed for it. She’s ruined relationships and marriages. She cheated on all of her boyfriends including my buddy who was away. She’s deaf from getting fucked senseless and pumped full of cum alot and she uses that as her “I’m so innocent” scheme but beware, this girl will ruin your life. I’m speaking from experience. Plus her periods stink fucking bad. You can smell her perioding from miles away. It smells like a black persons breath.

Where do I start? I have fucked both Nicole and her horse. I can not tell their faces or assholes apart for that matter as they both stink and look the same. This wonderful slore started her sloring days in high school when she fucked the janitor on the shitter for a nickle, trying to go after other girls boyfriends while having a boyfriend of her own! As she got older she upgraded to horses! This slore will wait until your horse is at his lowest just like Mr Ed when hes fucking drunk. so she can be the only thing that makes him feel better. That involves her rubbing his wiener just like she milks her cows and her grandfathers. She gets on her knees in the hay and waits for a fucking milk shake in her face. She is destroying relationships and rodeos. If she’s not wooing your horse you can find her at the coop hanging all over the pigs and pakis that rape them and at the bar, all while still having the same smirk knowing some horse will shit on her chest soon. she’s had since high school herpes, she got them from her brother Chuck! This slore nothing but trash and deserves the absolute worst. Nay.

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