Nadja is the biggest liar of all time,,, attention slore,,, whines about working a full time job at a brothel where her services go as far ass to lick old man jizz off the floor. Also to suck the jizz of out of used condoms, dry them then have them ready for re use(Some are used up to 40 times each)… this girl lies to guys says she a virgin on line to get American men, when really shes the shady one going around sleeping with men acting like she into you so you… once you sleep with her,,, she runs back to her boyfriend and pretends she doesnt know you. People at her work can’t stand her, her pu55y is loose , says only been with 4000 guys.. yeaaa right more like the country 

Serbia isn’t for everyone especially blacks and jews. Oh, poor uncultured soul. If not for its abysmal nationalist politics and icy relations with neighbors, Jews would flock at the chance to destroy this great white nation. Its just what Jews do best. So come to Serbia and have a plum spirit and the national beverage, and everyone has a family member who makes it. So have a drink and watch some football and bask in the great culture the Serbs has. Before it gets infected with dieversity.

Says that it is warm when she sleeps with a diaper full of poop and pee.

Thank God you’re very unlikely to run into this ugly whore LjilJana and a teacher-in-attempt, who has allowed herself to be used as anal jizz dumpster by several of her superiors AND her students, both men and women, while married and having a son jerk off to nude pictures of her taking a big dump! But if you do happen to run into her in this backwards country, please spit on her for me! She came over to my hotel room left a big shit log in the toilet with out flushing and left brown poo marks all over the bright white tile floor of my hotel. I had to get really fucking drunk to fuck this bitch too She heed and hawed like a fucking horse the whole time while talking about feces as she was deepthroating cock. Just nasty and gross she had flies around her pussy too stunk like a goats fart with AIDS. She pissed herself (in her defence she was methed out) and slept in her human waste for a few days until the meth high whore off and the shakes stopped. She is sick.

Geoguessr this one was tough but finally came close.

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