US States With The Most Walmarts

Wal-mart… do they like make walls there?“- Paris Hilton

Next to the the US Democratic Party the next best place for Niggers to go laugh at pathetic white people is Walmart. See it is all about equal opportunity. So niggers here is a place where you can laugh at the white man who is holding you down. You know the one you keep saying is racist and better than you? For the white folk this doesn’t mean let your nigger radar down. There is still plenty of Jew pushed Liberal denying TNB Monkey shines that occur at these shitty establishments.

10- Tennessee 155

Is there such a thing under Tennessee law as a Walmart burglary? Should there be? Who should decide? Jesse Jackson? General Lee? Tennessee Williams? Nearly three years after Knox County District Attorney General Captain Cock Knuckles launched a controversial policy of charging niggers as white people who shoplift at least twice from Walmart with felony burglary charges. This way it makes the whites look like they commit more crime. The Tennessee Supreme Court is stepping in to answer those questions.In a rare move, the high court also is inviting legal debate in the run-up to its decision, a nod to the far-reaching effects the outcome could have for defendants and taxpayers across Tennessee and — if Allen’s initiative passes legal muster — the nation. LINK

10- Virginia 155

Four suspects have been arrested after a man and a woman were shot in their car Tuesday night at a Walmart parking lot in Fauquier County, Virginia. Two men and two teenage boys are facing multiple charges, including felony malicious wounding and shooting into an occupied vehicle, the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office said in an update Wednesday. A shooting in that area of James Madison Highway in Warrenton, Virginia, was first reported around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday. A 20-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman had been shot in their car after they had gotten into a confrontation with one of the suspects in the Walmart parking lot. LINK

9- Missouri 156

Police officers arrested an armed faggot who reportedly walked into a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, on Thursday afternoon while wearing body armor and military-style clothing.The Springfield Police Department described the suspect as an armed white male in his 20s. An off-duty firefighter who was armed detained the man until police arrived at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. No shots were fired and no one was injured, police said.Police Lt. Tony Vlachos told the Springfield News-Leader that the man had a “tactical rifle,” another gun and more than 100 rounds of ammunition on him. “What a pussy he needed a better gun” added Tony. The news wanted to blow it out and were hoping something bad would happen for their agenda to make it a racial incident. But it failed. It is unknown why the man would have all that ammo and shit on him when he was going to walmart. With walmarts extremely low prices he could of saved a LOT. LINK.

8- Pennsylvania 161

CHELTENHAM TWP., Pa. (WPVI) — A wild nigger gunman has apologized for a shooting that injured several people inside a Walmart in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County Tuesday.The suspect has been identified as 30-year-old escaped slave Keenan Jones. He faces charges of Criminal Attempt-Murder, Aggravated Assault, Reckless Endangering Another Person, Resisting Arrest, Possessing Instruments of Crime, Theft Of Over 5000 Watermelons, and Persons Not to Possess Firearms. LINK

7- Ohio 172

An Ohio man who allegedly stole more than $37,000 in electronics from Burlington’s Walmart has been charged with felony retail theft. Maurice L. Whyte, 27, (who is a fucking nigger) of Columbus, Ohio, was reportedly dressed as a woman at the time he allegedly stole iPads and iPhones on Dec. 23 with help from two sheboon gorilla accomplices.Whyte — along with the other suspects, who served as lookouts — allegedly used bolt cutters to sever the cages securing iPhones and iPads in the electronics section of the store. Early in the morning on Dec. 23, Whyte and his lookouts allegedly made away with about $24,000 in merchandise by stashing the electronics in a toaster box after removing the toaster and then scanning just the toaster box in the self-checkout. LINK

6- Illinois 194

Officials tell TV69 on February 17th, 2019 a man walked into Walmart with his face covered and loaded a 70″ LED TV from the electronics department on a cart. Police say the man exited the building near the automotive department laughing at the stupidity of the niggers working there.The vehicle is described as a black Chevy Suburban with no registration with a chrome bull bar on the front bumper. The television is valued at $798.00. Police say the man is a cool guy and was wearing a black ski mask, black Under Armor coat, black gloves, light jobbers, with red Jordan tennis shoes. He is probably at home watching his new tv. LINK or pawned it for crack.

5- Georgia 215

STONECREST, Ga. — Police say a nigger got mowed down after an argument in a DeKalb County Walmart spilled out into the parking lot and devolved into a shooting. The incident happened at the Walmart in the 5400 block of Fairington Road in Stonecrest on Sunday night before MTV Rap Battles. Police had very few details they could make public about the shooting motive other than the argument that preceded it. It was a nigger shooting a nigger over a chicken so not much of a news story. So it was 2 niggers minus 1 at the end. “We will make up fake racial crime later, we can’t show the people the savagery true violent behavior of the nigger. We must convince them all niggers live like the Huxtables” Said Anderson Cooper from CNN. LINK

4- North Carolina 219

Walmart Has Caused Many White Trailer Trash To be Like This
NiggerStealing from Walmart is a black fad.
But much like rape and rap music some white people
are doing it like this nigger too.
He is the Tupac of Walmart.

It is the nation’s largest retailer, employing one and a half million un-happy pissed off workers in the U.S. alone. But Walmart known as being as heartless as a nigger jew craving crack money has also become a magnet for many crimes – exhausting local police departments across our area. In Hickory, it is not uncommon for police to end up at the Walmart Supercenter along Highway 70 Southeast.  We’ve seen officers responding every day of the week, both day and night. During the last year alone, police records show nearly every type of case imaginable from car break-ins and robberies to fraud and shoplifting. Among the shoplifting arrests was Queen of all White Trailer Trash Desaray Stolling, who was charged with stealing a pair of pants and fucking her brother cousin.   We showed her the paperwork for her arrest and the hundreds of other cases in Hickory but she can’t read dumb as a nigger. LINK

3- California 306

I don’t care how High or Mentally Ill you are. You do something like this
What do you expect?

An officer with the San Leandro police department shot and killed a nigger armed with a bat Saturday afternoon inside of a Walmart store, according to Lieutenant Tony Vlachos. At first they thought it was Daryl Strawberry running around on crack. The shooting took place just inside of the entrance of the Walmart, located at 1555 Hesperian Blvd. Police were responding to a report of a man, who we now know to be Steve Taylor — diagnosed with clinical depression, schizophrenia, and foul negro body odor so bad your eyes bleed –, brandishing a bat, and possibly attempting a robbery. LINK

2- Florida 383

This negro went down
Like Mike Brown

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.(WESH) — Orange County authorities are investigating after a teen was shot and killed in a retail theft incident at an Orange County Walmart. Arthur Adams, 19, was mowed down and killed during the incident in Pine Hill. Authorities said Adams was one of three niggers who entered a Walmart neighborhood market and took two grocery carts full of diapers without paying. #straightupganagster As an employee confronted the three alleged homeboys in the parking lot, a customer saw the incident and went to help the employee from the wild apes. When one of the alleged thieves reportedly made a jive move like he was reaching for something, the customer pulled his hand held negro contamination safety device and fired several shots at the suspected diaper thief. The three alleged monkeys tried to flee in a stolen maroon Nissan Rogue, but since niggers can’t drive well crashed into two vehicles in the parking lot. They ran from the scene. Adams went to a gas station across the street to get some chicken and collapsed . He was taken to a hospital, and died Saturday.

1- Texas 599

It is fucked that in Texas walmart has all these guns there. But if you see how many nut cases there are in Texas you would understand. The man pictured there works for CNN as a back up. I can’t find a credible source on this story. I am not saying a whit guy that happens to look very hispanic and jewish didn’t go in to walmart and kill people. I just think this is a great push for those fake gun laws the US liberals make. Arm yourself so fucks like this don’t get you first.

Walmart Thefts By State

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