Manitoba 3

This is Amanda. I dated her for 3 years and then took her out for a nice diner in Virden. Then I told her I fucked her sister for years and fathered her child. Also and that I might of fucked her mom and even her dad. Then she fingered me with out thanking me for the meal. Which she forgot to eat all of it (If I were to of had to pay for that meal out of my own pocket that would of been more than she is worth) So I stood up took this picture then I punched the bitch in her fucking face, stole her purse which had money and crack, then got high and went over to her parents house and opened my asshole up for her grandpa and great uncle to ass fuck me for gay love Butt Bucks!!!! I hope we can work this little problem out. I love Amanda.

This one here oh boy can tell you alot about her she likes to claim everyone’s jealous of her gangster ways claiming shes with her kid slinging fat wads of dope!!! everyday!!! everytime she gets a new crack head boyfriend she lets them smoke drink and have guns and drugs around her daughter she lives in the east side of Brandon Manitoba (So eah its all worthless chug scum there).. sloot sells herself downtown praying on pensioners that’s how you get a beer right ? (or just walk out on the tab! There is a reason no one trusts chugs and makes them pay first. Chugs like you and 99.999999999% of the rest) (The other small percent is for margin of error)Claims she has a fat a55 and tits and I’m like okay where poser where ? Has no life either CFS should take her kid away she’s a no good mother anyways always yelling at her girl .. her girl tells her dad’s family that is why her kid is never allowed too see or meet her . Your welcome Krista you pathetic dumpster

This girl is Eternity  aka the bitch that will blow your dick and steal your wallet in a single slurp.. Now this girl is such a Satan. She cries wolf all the time and plays victim. She is a true Satan. She lies about other ppl to try ruin their lives because she’s jealous and has nothing better to do than obsess over girls she hates. Meth Satan calls cfs on ppl crying wolf and making up lies. So she can ruin families because she has none and her little daughter was already in and out of the system. Poor little girl will turn out like her meth addict mother if cfs doesn’t take her away again. Words out there that this meth Satan takes her kid on drug pickups or when and doubt leaves her alone for drugs. Eternity must be Satan’s sister because her horns come out when ppl are doing better with their lives. She walks around Brandon like she is queen shit all high throwing old french fries and yelling at drunk natives calling them chugs. Hello!!! Last time I checked you were part squaw fucking skank.!!!!

Sierra calls herself a girl, will lie cheat and steal all day every day. I use to meth with her in the park in Portage la Prairie and she would always be on her knees tugging wieners for mystery goo. She loves it when you eat proteins. She texts video msgs and snapchat is her favorite usually of her taking a manly dump in a public bathroom or of her ramming one of the items she stole from walmart up her stinky asshole. 6 years of lies deception and fake love to the native guy that lives under the highway bridge. Nobody deserves that treatment. She will screw just about anything if you tell her she’s pretty or like niggers do spike her drink or hold a butcher knife to her throat. Well she has rotten teeth from meth use and eating out fat native woman’s assholes with rotten silverware. When she smiles you can see Chief Betty’s shit stains in her teeth and her breath reeks of a natives armpits and isn’t a looker lol. I have never met a bigger h0e that slept around as much as she did. Enjoy your life on the reservation with your chug husband and or soup kitchen kid.

Jenna  is a gold digging slore who walks around Thompson shit kicking natives for you tube bum fight videos.. She uses guys to pay for her shitty slut tattoos that everybody even notices and laughs at like the penis drawn on her back blowing a load. You scrawny bitch go eat a fucing burger and lay off the meth, not to mention she stoled my grandmas shit stained lingeries and leggings from her shak on the reservation. Don’t trust that ho. Watch out for your manz in Thompson  She yells at natives all day calling them chugs and stealing their hard earned welfare money on check day. She is cruel and racist.

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