Ontario 10

Bitch stole all my coke and I find out she has been fucking some homeless scum skid wanna be rappers in Sault Ste Marie among other people. Kaili’s currently living with her grandmother because she cant keep her life together, stays in hotels on the weekends to pull tricks and be the junkie hoe she always dreamed of being. This chick has zero qualms about using every guy she ever meets and gives zero f*cks about the smell she emits between her legs after f*cking you without a condom. Her specialty is letting guys f*ck her with no condom and telling them to blow in side of her so she can make you think she is your girl. All along she is f*cking half the town at the same time. She hasn’t changed since she been a teen and won’t save your money and time leave this tramp where you find her.

This girl Molly of Windsor likes to be chained up like a cat and play dress up while her dad watches and masterbates. She also cheats on every man she’s ever dated, with animals on the farm It’s sad she’s unaware her boyfriend wants out and is constantly looking for a reason why but feels so trapped by this psycho. She is originally from Detroit but left as the smell of niggers was even to much for her gross ass. Get your shit together Molly. Seriously. You still owe me $40 for that time you stole my meth and went and started kicking the neighbors dog.

Chelsea will be your best friend just to sleep with your boyfriend. She met my boyfriend at the bar and slept with him in the gross bathroom with heroin needles on the ground in piles of used condoms. She also destroyed my best friends relationship because. She walked around their house naked leaking cum out of her asshole and. sucked his d1ck while his girlfriend was at work at Burger King. Ever said cum guzzling anal slore you want a cheep lay. Contact. Chelsea her phone number is wrote in all the shitter stalls at the Towne House Bar.

Her name is Rebecca . In the streets they call her Becca but I like to call her when I need to drop a load. This girl seriously needs help. She is bi-sexual and extremely horny and will fuck anyone/thing she can sink her claws into. This girl also plans on living off of men and family for the rest of her sorry life. She screws the government all the time (sad to say she is getting away with it for now). Now she is targeting a 19 year old punk kid who she constantly talks sh1t about behind his back saying things like he is an illegal alien, and that he smells and when she is on skype, there is a bunch of dirty clothes in the background.) This girl is dirty; she once slept with a married man for 2 years knowing his wife as well. She also f*cked a guy in Keswick for $20. How low does it get? This girl started her own dirty life very young. Quick call for a quick lay.

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